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Reminds us. We have so much more work to do right. So we've come to this new administration or what have you in. A there seems to be a little bit more morality right at in the white house. But it's like this is still so much that we need to do so right. We experienced look at bustle. Going on the judge floyd verdict yet. Thank you and but that's just one example so hopefully were now experiencing the sift But it sounds like you have your the freedom fighter freedom fighter in you and you still have to do in your area and whatnot. So is that something you want to continue to do like you know like a make your voice more her around that area. Are you kind of just like over that area. I'm done from this area on my. I don't wanna at his area. I'll be racist them. But whatever they're their world when they want big dig they look for the latine on the black but dan. they don't want to support you just like or do anything you know i. It's just very hypocritical when they're desperate warning this look for the black and latinos this over the over this towel on allow be surrounded by gays anymore. I'm like even like shit and we'll do manner. I'm just going to the rich area with the jews. Jewish soft grey to west. Well don't don't punish all the gays you get tired of the scene. Yeah i understand you and that's something up because like when you're one dog i'd say holding Like when i was in my twenties and stuff you know. I used to dance a lot and i used to always like backup dancing for the drag queens at the clubs and stuff like that and just to see the aid the showing from the community like mostly from the guys you know. Have your pretty boys over here. Who were the same. You know you'd have just everybody else who it was just crazy. It's like man. Were all here for the same reason to come. Have a big time so unite to be amongst all your bills and stuff so my next question. I say that to say Have you experienced like i. Don't wanna use the word backlash. That's kind of according word but have you experienced that friction between our community like i don't know people talk because there's always a shit soccer isn't there our communities divider like every tweak don't talk to the bears like fifteen year old girls and they don't want to talk to the wings or don't wanna talk to the daddies niger in the community the letter community. They don't talk to the you. Know the bogey queens devonian queens. They just think they're so fucking fashionable on so fucking high and they don't talk to the did just like the community so invited and then you've got the the wire like every this so many like like e she they whatever the fuck they having their frigging break is just too much right. Hand old snow. Day guy.

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