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That's considered a revival. Not anew production. Yeah. It just depends on whether or not the is pre existing if it's. Icon psychotic that there's some absolutely arcane and Byzantine rule about how if you take a pre existing title, and they've tempered with I can't remember x number of words or lines then you can petition for to be considered new. But basically what the Chinese got best play best musical best revival of a plan. Best revival of musical this year with best revival of musical. There were only two revolves musicals on Broadway the whole season, and guess what? Both of them got nominated kissing me Kate in Oklahoma. So it's a one hundred percent success rate. So great news also for an Benning as we mentioned he's being nominated full. All my sons. I'm actually fortunately for me Sally field in that same role tonight. He in London Laurie Metcalf though, four nominations in four years. Yeah. The New York Times recently, Chris and Laurie Metcalf, the first lady of Broadway, and I think actually people believe that it's not just hype she has had huge success on television, as we know and onscreen lady bird for which he was nominated for an Oscar. She was wonderful. But her heart really belongs to the theater as she is the first tell anyone she's already announced next season. She'll return to Broadway in one of the most iconic of all plays Virginia Woolf assuming she gets nominated for an who Tony for that. And I don't see why she shouldn't be that would be five nominations and five years, and she just seems to want to do theatre do I mean who's afraid of wolf anyone who's unaware is one of those options that if you are an actor, and you get to being this role of like the play version of gypsy isn't an yet to play this role and you'll good sure to be nominated for every would under the sun. So good news fil Hori. It seems. Yes. Just finally James corden is the host of this yuts Tony's ceremonies. This is pretty exciting. I think because if you if you would align up all the award ceremonies in show business. Let's talk about the Emmys in the Oscars and the Golden Globes. The Tony's are always the most fun to watch. Well, I really love the because of course, in in many cases, they're owning place in productions that are still happening. So this direct connection and James corden is a good choice to host the Tonys because he wanted Tony some years ago for one man to governors from which his entire career followed. So he owes his his success to the Tonys. So he might as well return that a host them who will you be rooting full to take away the big Tony for play. I think probably Gary, but it won't win for best. Actress possibly Annette Benning who I thought was glorious best actor, I think Bryan, Cranston. It'll be his second Tony. But richly deserved most important Matt toilet breaks during movies on. I know not unless the film that requires it for cuts second grip a purist. Just like myself that will. Always a pleasure to have you. Thanks very much as that's for today's edition of the briefing. That was produced by Reese, James and researched by your lingo fund and ROY good Arik as manager was Christie Evans. The briefing is back at the very same time to Lauren do join Andrew moolah for today's edition of Madeira house live at eighteen hundred here in London thirteen hundred if you're listening from Broadway. I'm Ben Ryland. That's the briefing laugh now..

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