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Is revenge it's the whole i mean this one i'm not even going to get into because i don't think a lot of people have seen it and you need to see it you need to see the movie it's so so fucking good it's the story of edmund dante's and the revenge he has to take out on on one of his best friends things don't go well they're not best friends anymore and there's a lot of revenge to be had here and it is one of the most like redeeming revenge movies ever like when it ends you're just like yeah yes it's so fucking good next up john wick i believe this is the newest one on my list john wick is so next level in terms of intensity and in the same like if the county monte cristo isr deeming when you feel like at the end like you've really like you like you feel so good for the guy john wick has that going on for like an hour and a half street which just nonstop him kicking ass and you're just like yes yes john wick is fucking awesome there's a second one i still haven't seen yet the first one so good i will say this it involves something horrible is done to john wick and and then something like a dog is involved that's all i'll say and it drives him into full on revenge psycho rampage mode if you're an archer fan he goes full rampage the whole movie it's incredible john wick next up django unchained now i wouldn't this one was like sketchy for me i was like do i wanna put this on is it really revenge movie but it is jamie fox is character is slave when you when he becomes free in then seeks revenge on basically the institution of slavery that's the driving theme of the whole movie in it's an incredible incredibly well done quentin tarantino film quintin as a fucking weirdo we all know that he makes very good movies though another one of his on this list to inglorious bastards now there's kind of two ports to that move easy there's the story of brad pitt and his gang the inglorious bastards and there's also the storyline of shana the jewish girl whose family is is you know eliminated as part of hitler's nazi shit in germany but i believe france actually anyway point being shanas storyline is straight revenge and i count that enough to make inglorious bastards revenge movies obviously not historically accurate but it's like i watched this again last week or maybe the week before that would pay i enjoy it so much like it legit might be in the top twenty five movies ever made for me it's so fucking good and granted i definitely enjoy gratuitous violence profanity this movie's kind of lacking in nudity but i enjoy that too it is it is hard core it's gross like book django unchained anguish bastards in typical quintin fashion have a gratuitous amount of gore so you have to know that going in but they're so good both movies love him next.

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