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Time because the forty Niners had to activate someone by one PM Pacific in order for that person to be eligible to play tonight. So the big question was whether Jeff Wilson from practice squad would be elevated and be the third running back. But that. Rita is good to go, his ankle healed. Well enough, he feels good. I guess there's a possibility that if you're aggravates thing and in pregame warmups he wanted to play, but he's gonna be one of the Forty-six active guys on this team. So I would think that they're gonna try to share the load him and Alfred Morris the wide receiver position Pierre Garcia will play Trent Taylor will not. And then at one PM they did make a roster move. Ross dwelling tied in is up from the practice squad. Which made me think initially what does that mean for George Kittle he's questionable with the knee injury. But it looks like kiddo will play Cole wick will not remember, coal wick. The third tight end dropped a pass in the end zone last week could have been touchdown should have been a touchdown. So right now for years have four tight ends on their fifty three man roster. Three of those guys will suit up, and it looks like Kollwitz is going to be the man out. Matthew. You speak real quickly about marquees go. When did what did you see in practice? And did he look like he's ready to go when you're night football? Yeah. He last week. He could have played. But the idea was just give him one more week Markey's Goodwin has the speed. He he's at the X receiver. That's the guy that yell. It's his job to take the top off the defense and his backup. Dante.

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