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He's a Yankee be writer says quote Twitter. I hear the giants are quote making a late play late play for Bryce Harper. That's the news this morning. What does that mean? It's been lining in the weeds. Does that mean Bryce Harper is going to be a fan fast? You mentioned somebody's got in their car right now turned on the ignition Bryce Harper is going to be at fan fest. Spicer look damn good. The giants union. I'll tell you that you like the idea. I could see it already. You look damn. We got big Dwayne Keiper on the no not yet. Speaking of which given them a little league squad is is the giants this year. We're thinking of going with the cream pants. What did he say? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Go for the cream. All right. So we're gonna to of the instead of the the the Brian Johnson JT, snow Snow, White pants candlestick cream. Okay going, but the jerseys are black. She's a little unfortunate would prefer where are you going to do like an orange Friday as well. You know, what I did wear to the draft just to announce my intentions is that sweet orange jacket. We have with McCovey on the Likud raise. Hell, yeah. Dude. I love that one. That's a good one too. Yeah. So keep yes. Not yet. No, no, not yet. Wayne, he's laying low to now we gotta thumb. Foam up. Maybe he's making a league autumn. Maybe he's making a late plays Bryce Harper. Just got off the other line on the Houma guest line. Our dear friend, Wayne Kuyper, Dwayne good morning. What's up fellow? Hey, what's up is two things one? We're going to fan fest on Saturday, which would be awesome. And to Randy Miller. Ben j dot com says the giants are making a late play for Bryce Harper kype. All your thoughts. Do believe that. Sure. We want to. Yeah. Yeah. I guess I want to believe that. But I'm not surprised I think a lot of teams are going to make a late Kush. Of and know, they're doing it for a lot of reasons. One of which to make your team better the other maybe. Maybe try to get them cheaper than than you thought. You could. Adult think that that's going to happen though. I don't think Scott Boris is going to allow that to happen. But but if it is true. Then I'm Greg. It's it's great. I mean, make your team better. And you can do that with a twenty six year old with that kind of John now when you said, you don't think it's going to happen. You mean that he signs for less, correct? Right. And so I mean at this point now, Dwayne we've we've had to change our entire opinion of how this thing's going like, you know, three hundred million. He turned down from the NATs. Now you start wondering does he look for the short term deal with the opt out and become a free agent again at the age of twenty nine or twenty eight or I mean, do you see that as a possibility now? Yeah. I mean, I don't think that that's the route. They obviously want to go. But. If that's the way it's going to work. Mean injured different. Now of all you gotta do this last year this year all the guys that are unsigned. It's different. You're just. I don't know if I actually thought that this is the way it was going to be. I I didn't think it would be maybe last year was just okay. It was a little different last year. But this is the way it is now. Yeah. And I think we're just gonna have to to live with that in realize that these teams are not gonna jump into free agency, and they're gonna wait in so fun. Mean you guys are like me I like to pick up the paper and find out who's going where and I like to do that in November December January mean our in February. And and is there going to be an avalanche guys that are are going to sign. Oh. There may be a lot of guys out there that remember last year they had their own spring training. Right somewhere in Florida. All gather there to stay in shape while that's probably going to happen again. And maybe I hope they have enough room at the end. There's like one hundred people there. Well, you have to have one in one in Florida split squads. It look. I mean, it just like anything else you get used to the way that we liked and expected, and then when that doesn't happen. You know, now, we gotta sit and try to figure this out. Redel Murphy's piece in the ethnic where he he suggested changes to the system. I didn't. But I noticed that. If you believe what you're reading this morning on Twitter from the Rosenthal's in those guys that the players association, and in discussions about some changes, well that that will ask you about that in just a second. But this was about the collective bargaining agreement in terms of the hot stove league. And he said one was introduced suspending floor. So that you have to have a minimum things. And then to he says, you know, the NBA gets so exciting because every on July first, everything happens. He says in here we have this terrible cold stove season. What about establishing a window of free agency in baseball where you just kind of like you guys you got ten days vendor. December one December ten and we get so much excitement. And I think that's kind of fun. Yeah. No. You know, who's not going to before that the agency Scott Boras? Yes, right. Well, we gotta let's stop running our world. Well, there are some that would agree with you on that. He's the one guy that was different than all the other agents waited and waited and waited and and then more so than nut cut a great deal at the end there's a few times when. You know that backfired, but yeah. Deal murphy's. I liked Bill. Murphy is a smart guy. I used to watch ball seal over my head into the right field. Bleachers at candlestick a lot. Murphy was swinging the bat but a player. It was really a terrific player. I mean, there's a catcher that moved to center field much like chili Davis. I want to put him in the him in established a special winter Cooperstown, Stanford, Dale Murphy and will Clark the two most underappreciated players of their era. Yeah. You're probably right. We can we can do that. Volume body. Joel a lot of power. A little tent. Make sure your other point about Rosenthal. And we're back to this. We've been kind of brushing up against this for the last couple of years, but the National League adopting the D H in. It's like here we go again. And I don't know it just seems like there's more. I don't know the more. We hear about it. The other one that's interesting is a three batter requirement amongst for all pitchers. So you're early fast, Wayne. Came out of nowhere with the the three batter limited in. I guess my question is is if the speed up the game or is it to make the game better. And probably the answer you're going to get from the people that like this is it's going to do both. And. If it's going to speed up to gain. That's fine doesn't make it better. I don't know. I mean, I I kind of liked to have your Lopez. Although if you talk to how he was more than a a one hitter guy. Sergio romo. I mean, what what happens to those guys? Right. Does it become a different world for those guys? Yeah. Probably. So I mean, there's a lot going into it. But, but you know, when when you've been around this long as I have and as long as you guys have. It's not one that. I would stand up and cheer. But what what did you hear about the D H? You know? I mean, if you're. I've been in the National League since nineteen eighty two. And you know. Get used to watching really good pitchers in really bad getting pitchers. But also watched how it was different in the National League. Where these these guys these pitchers? Had to do more than just go out there and Tich. The worry about their bunting to worry about making contact with the ball, employees, all that other stuff. I don't know it it kind of looks like it's inevitable. Let the union wants this. If the union wants it. It's just really a matter of time. That's what's really interesting. Is that the player they're saying the players have one of those for three decades? And I was like, wow. All along they've been they've been two timing us beyond our back. Those of us who loved the National League, they they don't like it as much as we do. I think Murphy if if you ask the guys that can hit the guys that are athletic. Yeah. You know, I think you're going to get that answer of of course, we want to be able to get now there's a group of guys actually that really stink. And I'm sure that they don't there'd be happy with this. You're gonna you're gonna you're gonna pitch more innings with a t h because you're not gonna get pinch hit for if you're pitching. Well, and it's a close game. If you're behind him. I mean, look, I I wanna see Madison. Bumgarner get I do. But I don't want to see that. We have occur hit. So, you know, there's there's your dilemma, and and I just I I believe that it's going to happen. It really is the three batter. Minimum is very interesting. You know, growing up Duane in. I'm trying to think in the seventies. How many times did you see a one batter specialist? I almost never right. No. You're right. Almost never and maybe it was a starter. That was coming in to get one guy out in between starts, but almost never you. Only had you'll have three or four guys maybe five guys in the bullpen. So you couldn't afford us a guy. Yeah. Game start going into extra innings for anybody thinks it's kind of as easy to have a three better minimum. I actually would think it's sort of returned to the game. You and I grew up with paulie, your Gary Lavelle is go get some out. So in a way, I don't hate that as much as the other one. I say did not the D H. I'm okay with the three better minimum. But it does change the way. I mean, it's Tony. I was thinking Tony laruso says the guy brought in the one out specialist. Well, he. Yeah. You did it I think sometimes with act because a lot, and you know, this was a chance for to get that last out and not have to throw a lot of pitches. And then he could use them again tomorrow. And I think that that's great strategy. If you got a guy like that. I'd I'd have to go back and look to see if Tony brought in a guy in the six or seven to get one out. But you don't you might be right. He actually might be a good guy to call us. Yeah. It's true. Get Tony on for. Sure. He'd be like. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let's go copes get Tony on the line. Real quick. There's a couple more interesting ones about mound visits being reduced. And then the other one that was issue is moving from forty to twenty eight in September. So you don't have to be done. Yeah. Has to be done. And actually, I would I would rather they have have thirty or thirty two guys. But you have to change it every day to twenty eight just have a, you know, these guys are not on it today. These three guys are right? If you wanna get like the NFL does with their Forty-six active players seven inaccurate. Yeah. Right. But I think that that has to be done because we're watching games in September. That are joke. Yeah. Because you know, you're seeing ten relievers come into the game to face is many as five or six or seven pinch hitters crazy. You know, the double switches, and I mean by the end of the game are scorecard looks like spring training scorecard. Right. Speaking of which the spring training just to end it. You're gonna be a fan fest Saturday. Of course, we don't miss that. Yeah. This that and. And then of course, Jon, and I do. Our first game. It'll be a week from Saturday. Wow. All right. We're in Anaheim. We're in we're in in Tempe. John, and I talked about it at the greeter mcgowan's memorial on an Monday and. Ready to go. We're we're ready to make up some stuff that you have to do the doco. Yes, we did you say a week from Saturday week from Saturday. You know, maybe I'm jumping the gun a little. Oh, yeah. I have you giants. Angels the twenty third two weeks Saturday. So that's two weeks. You're excited. Looks good. You were so excited. Go down. Take a trip somewhere it really fast. Don't miss that. I was down there doing the Chevron putting thing and respect to Chevron and everything. But I did I missed you guys. It was that. I don't know what it was six or seven. Yeah. You know, Dwight Clark Brenton Loach it really I'll tell you what it was a there's ten highlights in a year. That was always in the top ten. We'll see you guys just way too much fun you and your bride and Mike and his guys down at Spanish bay. You know, even at Roy's. Glenn was part of it all those years. And by the way, sat up the flames contract deal. Right. Yeah. We invite him go actually John in Mike and myself..

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