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The good start cohen said bankin with the story that's right rob lead one nothing is they get set the bad here in the bottom of the second they manufactured to run on the first after cesar anandas walked hoskin single deuba harare despite his hot hitting was asked to sacrifice and he did just that putting the runners in scoring position carlos santana follow the rbi groundout to bring over as to give the phillies the lead as far as the cardinals batters were silence quickly by vince velazquez i really started needed just eight pitchers pitches get out of the first inning appear to being cruise control and the top of the second with a foul out and a strikeout to start any however he walked appear batters putting runners at first and second four velazquez finally retired colton wangle the ground at two innings of alaska's not to thirty three pitches he's walked those two batters and he's also struck out to philly set to bat here in the bottom of the second they lead saint louis one nothing live at citizens bank park i'm ed benkin kyw newsradio before the game matt clinton the gm was asked about the bullpen specifically using strengthening dominguez before the ninth inning instead of making their closer seven fish the seventh of nathan donnas to the ninth inning for example we don't know what would have happened if we had saved strengthening for the ninth and tried to piece together the seventh or the eighth against the the meat of another teams lineup clinic didn't rule out the film's being active before the trade deadline indicating will depend on how they handle the difficult schedule coming in the next couple of weeks drafts in just two days today the sixers got a second look at a couple players air smith and texas tech have knox kentucky none of other players worked after the mic leading lasalle bj johnson sixers pick tenth and twenty first twenty four twentyfourth rather than the first twenty six in the first round they also have four second round picks the h l draft begins friday night flyers have two first round picks their fourteen and nineteen.

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