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Out with my good friends. Fellow ramsey personality dr john baloney host of the john baloney show which lets go and tell them a little bit about yourself if my show is by disney rated g. Let's talk about friendship and like about delauney show is rated r. slash weird. You get the weirdest questions. I've ever to go through the filter for it. I let my kids scroll through that menu kids call. They deemed me. They sent me a on the instagram's and it said me and my twelve year old were were laughing at something stops like no no not for your twelve year. Old child friendly weird questions weird situations and you handle them so well. I mean you have an incredible background and being able to counsel people advise people and that's why i wanted to bring you back on the show because you've been on the show before the show because the hardest questions so good for my soul to make it difficult. Here's the thing we're talking about today. Here's the thing we're talking about today. That i want to dig into because this is something that i hear about a lot. It affects relationships. You know a lot about relationships and how to have healthy ones with your spouse but anybody for that matter. Coworkers friendships. whatever conflict conflict. Your favorite things. We love language. It's the chris. My first question is why is it..

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