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Together welcome to Mannheim steamroller's an American it seems that each Christmas day to do scenes often make news because someone objects to the replacement the word comes to us from the lack when used in conjunction with Christmas the word implies not only the first but the literal account of the story of his birth as described in the gospels of Matthew today in America the word usually brings to mind a timeless of the birth in a manger complete with angels shepherds sheep three wise men key and of course the Holy Family while across the United States the Christmas trees the principal symbol of this holiday in much of Europe Erica this most important symbolic position is claimed by Tiffany scenes all size they are perhaps the earliest symbols of Christmas dating back past the fourth century but the real popularity is the way to the scenes we know today is best attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi can you speak most of his life missionary to the France is believed to fully understand its meaning all people should hear the gospel in their own language Germans were most often delivered in the language of the people rather than in Latin it was this idea Lucy in France in the year twelve twenty three to recreate the manger stable scene in a cave near Greco into using live animals in real people the stark realism that he brought to the story of the first Christmas soon profoundly impressed then he literally no to the to the recreation spread throughout all the by the early seventeen hundreds most families even had small negativity scenes made would still figures in front of their homes today the beautiful story of the first most often recreated in small in homes across America many families handed down from generation to generation but manufacturers report that the demand for the small table top finely crafted negativity sets has never been higher so even as a controversy erupted here about we're in the to the scenes can be placed in the Christmas nativity scene is very much alive tonight in homes all across America sure the Christmas nativity part.

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