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Solar. is there anything other than fossil fuels that can power your average semi truck delivering a plant free meat. the whole foods. nope. is there anything. that can fly you using wind or solar from one city to another. no. is there anything winder solar that can heat your home in that drags of winter no. is there anything wind or solar. that can get you to and from work that can get stuff to and from the groceries knoll. Russia forgetting electric vehicle electric vehicles what do you charge them with you know charging with a windmill. you know charging with the solar panel your charge them with electricity which comes from what. they hated coal. after the guilty of fossil fuel of all. the idea that we can eliminate fossil fuels and maintain. civilization we couldn't the I. D. F. and yet the number of young people don't even think it through they only we've got to get rid of fossil fuels to save the planet you can't. these people think fossil fuels were invented by fossil fuel companies to destroy the planet. yeah Exxon Mobil Texaco they don't care about the planet all they want are evil profits. say thank everybody involved the fossil fuel business is trying to destroy the planet there isn't a subject you know market your amazing things they work if there was an alternative to fossil fuels believe me. it would be up and running and making our heck of a lot of money. the fact that there isn't anything better than fossil fuels means that there isn't anything better it's not it's been kept off the market is not that the possible guys are suppressing it. there just isn't anything. these people have no concept of what it takes to produce the actual energy. that they consume a news each and every day the wind and solar renewable sustainable. right right right I really worry about the overall. level. or lack of education. but just average ordinary people this country have I got take a break we'll be back much more straight ahead don't. the.

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