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David ran upton quickly but dug in his heels when he got closer. He reached into his bag and took out one smooth stone after placing in his sling. He spun his sling around around around then off. The stone went soaring through the air. The stone hit goliaths section enlarged forehead and goliath faltered until he fell face first in the ground. That's how david won the day without even using a sword all us with a sling and his stone and the help of god. Seeing their champion was a goner. The philistines tend and ran. The armies of israel set off in pursuit to defeat them. David grabbed a couple of souvenirs from goliath and went back to the camp of israel saul saw all this in turn to his commander abner. Who was munching on a wide. Assortment of cheeses avner. Who is this kid. Abner shrugs no idea so over to meet. David i f. congrats not bad for a rookie. Second of all who in the world are you. I am son of your servant. Jesse of bethlen also literally the chapter before this. I was playing the lyre to soothe your soul in your presence. So are you telling me you have seriously forgotten who. I am solid shrieked. Oh yeah. don't forget about that. Well if you want to give up your singer-songwriter career. I can give you a spot in the military david replied. Why can't i do both. that's fine. just don't try to be more popular me or anything saul replied. I can only see that indian in disaster. Both of them laughed as they walked to discuss more about david's new career options things for listening to today's the bible but funnier story. The famous battle of david versus goliath is such a popular story. If you read the tax in i samuel seventeen. you'll notice that. It stresses what that one david is. A young and to david doesn't use a sword. Truly this is the epitome of an underdog story yet. Also let's remember that. David is prepared to take alive. He's experienced fine animals and he's probably really good at a slingshot. This weapon is not your toy where it's a rubber band between a fork. Stick this weapon. When swung properly can reach some incredible speeds it could easily be deadly so david was prepared in some ways but not how the military saw things with trust in the lord. David could take the skills he does have and use them for god's purposes so whoever you are wherever you are you can use what god's already given you serve god in some truly amazing ways and maybe your story will be told as much as goliath the bible but funnier is a production of theology media. You can find the offering media the media dot com and on facebook twitter and instagram. all @ fiaff media as always show is written and hosted by jake dobermans. The music is by kenny o. Prince the voice at the beginning and end is by seth parker. Thanks for listening to the bible. Funnier join us again. Next monday for another crazy ride through scripture..

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