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And you know i mean it does annoy me i it's like oh my god this little this little booger does louis understand julian that there are no days off the xinjiang i don't think so yet i think jesus happy with the bit you spied does she impact you in any way in terms of how much longer you would like to play does that enter into your thinking at all uh that hasn't necessarily hit my thinking but what has hit my thinking is is you know going out and and really embrace seen um opportunities like clean on the football field uh in all those hard day's that you have the days were you know you may not be feeling right uh you may be having a down day uh you know you think you're little girl and you you say well now you have something to do it for you know when before you have a kid year kinda you're kinda little selfish uh in in why you're doing certain things especially with work um now you have you have someone that you're living four you know what i mean it's it's one of those things were now you got a little this this this this little girl is is the next few you know in and you're gonna do everything in your controlled out to give her the most possible opportunities uh the most love because that's where my parents did for me and you know that's that's all i really know so i don't know if it's a necessarily.

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