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Adding we need to celebrate America now more than ever Michelle Paulino fox news good morning is the moisture continues to move into south central Kansas the potential of flash flooding will be with us for most of the day our high near seventy with areas of rain and thunderstorms at times scattered showers will continue into the evening are low fifty five then a slight chance of rain early on Tuesday we warm up to seventy four I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday right now in Wichita we have light rain and sixty six with a news update from ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. and SS I'm Dave Wilson I'm feeling about things right now when your words are as powerful as he is trying to make sure that I don't go overboard you must choose them wisely realizing how deeply powerful and influential and Rush Limbaugh daily at eleven five ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. and SS broadcasting from the air capital of the world K. and SS Wichita is number one talk radio dot com station the fusion on entertainment and enlightenment the best hello America and welcome to Monday got a great show for yeah I want to talk to you about truths what is truth whose truth how do we know the truth well we better decide really quickly because.

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