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Baker. Welcome back in to the frozen tundra. Addition of the Don Franklin auto countdown to tip off show as we get you set for the cats return to SEC play as they head south to Nashville to take on the Vanderbilt Commodores. I get every I'm Dave Baker. Welcome back in and wherever you are within the sound of my voice that is unless you're one of those great Kentucky fans who happens to be down in Florida on some tropical island or something. But if you're hearing the confines of the state or any place to the west, I hope you're hunkered in hope. You've got the fire going that you've got the additional heating methods ready to go because I'm Tony it is flat. I don't we'd have to look at records. I guess right. Tim. Maybe you've heard during the course today. I don't remember last time it's been this cold. But just about every school system is shutdown UK has canceled classes for tomorrow. So kids aren't out walking. Back and forth the class. I mean, Rex is a hearty soul. And I mean, he's got the Patagonian tonight. I mean, you know, we're literally supposed to get wind chill temperatures of like, minus twenty below or whatever. But it won't be like that down in Nashville. And after what has been just any way you slice it an unqualified success of a week the caps returned to conference play tonight, as they take on the Commodores now, if you're one of those people that it feels like that this Kentucky team just played Vanderbilt while they did it was like sixteen days ago here at rob. And it was one of those games where you know, vandy was able to jump out, and they were slow it down and kind of junk it up and everything and Kentucky wha-. What was it fifty six forty seven fifty seven forty six something like that? I'll check the stats, and it was it was one of those games they pulled away at the end to win. But now since then could Duckie has really I think played its best basketball of the season. And over the course of the last week they were. Able to get three top twenty five wins as they were able to get a win at Auburn. They were able to get a win at home against Mississippi State, and then of course, Saturday against Kansas. And so now they turn around and they go back on the road in the SEC. At memorial. Gym in Nashville where Kentucky has not won by double digits since two thousand five and they take on Vanderbilt team. And I was talking on K n TV a little while ago. I don't think there's anybody in the conference that needs something good or want something good to happen to them more than do the Commodores. I I mean, they're winless in the conference they they've had everything in the world happened to them they've gotten rolled by people. And then last week and Rex Niagara to talk about it again because rarely do we agree on officiating? But as the old joke goes day was robbed last Thursday night in Nashville as they had Tennessee on the ropes. And of course, Tennessee now getting ready to start the second half, the number one vol's up at South Carolina, forty seven to thirty eight and they were all kinds of fire. Up down there in Colombia tonight because I guess the last time that they beat. A number one team was when Kentucky was number one down there early in cows tenure remember they made that phone call the day of the game to the president and Darrin horn. And the boys beat him that night when they were we're number one, but Tennessee up by nine as they get set to start the second half. But the question for the cats can they continue playing like they've been playing. Can they continue to get better defensively they're getting better each and every trip ostensibly, but Kenny pain was doing the media yesterday? And he said the coaches were still not satisfied with where they were defensively and while they play well in spurts, they needed to do that more and more. So can't Kentucky do that or Ken Vanderbilt badly in need of a win in one of those situations get that stuff, which they call memorial. Magic going again that'll be the question that we will attempt to answer over the next ninety minutes as we get you said four Kentucky and Vanderbilt coming up. We'll of course here from UK head coach John Calipari. We'll talk to the guy. We'll bring the action the voice of the cats Tom Leach, the wildcat hall of Famer, Mike Pratt. Keith Elkins will be in here. He will be updating us on everything that is that is going on in the college basketball world. I don't know whether he's a quick to give us a weather report or not. But if he was we would talk about wind chills or maybe we can track down. Chris Bailey who is. We could good. We we can have Keith do his segment outside up on top of the billboard outside of the station here at the UK sports network world headquarters. And of course, the king is here Rex Chapman out of the pool was pool. Warm this afternoon. Good tepid good. We like good. You don't want it to be too hot. You don't want to be too cold. Or to money. No, you.

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