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E. G. A. S. two two one zero zero zero I interviewed author years ago on the show he wrote the book retirement break through the safe secure way to guaranteed income you can't outlive in any economy because we've been a real crummy economy if you have a CD have way correct I mean I've I member my grandma's in my I can't use it back in the day in New England they would live off their interests they want the money in a CD and get fifteen percent interest year one even haven't touched that principle well when that economy that was the interest rates were rolling so they were doing fine but then it we had a transformation hello when it really started here maybe let's say let's say two thousand five interest rates started can be down in the market collapse of two thousand seven we all know what happened there the story of the the years of the seven eight percent interest rate on the CD died then and so if you were trying to live off interest it was impossible for then you had to put your money in the market right before the market Creston I say you had to because that's what your broker told you but the really are alternatives the first thing to do is figure out how much money you'll need a retirement and how much you want how much money do you want to have fun things yeah and make sure you can convert some your money from taxable in a tax free and protect your savings from the calamities that could happen in the market so you don't put money you're going to need for retirement tied to the market they could go away and there are solutions called income planning got buckets strategies but for anyone who's who's struggling to make should do to make ends meet or or to see what's going to happen the future or not sure what kind of fees are paying we'll do analysis for it's called a strategic development process and if you haven't had this done for your financial portfolio there's what we'll do we'll review your tax returns to uncover long term tax issues like I raise capital gains a social security taxes people are paying a lot of money in taxes welcome to help you by establishing your retirement income goals money needed to cover the cost of enjoying your lifestyle Marty I know when you talk to be we ask them what they want to DO retirement that's fun right build a plan to make sure that has money for that right and that's one of our biggest goals and I've made a note there when you were talking about it so with the money that we want and the money that we need to what our goal was trying to get this to to figure this is because the with possibly fair these other and and one of the ways we do this is when this is this is the end time intensive process but we do this all behind the scenes for you we analyze your current investments to establish the real cost and fees and a calculated risk exposure level and promised that you would not believe how much risk before taking a don't realize it really been pretty lucky it's almost like when you fall asleep at the wheel the car you wake up you're still driving you're still safe right right now let me I think a lot of risk it'd realize so yeah I was about to say so they're not even realizing yeah that's that's the scary part that's the most embarrassing part yeah and the financial world and anyone who do who ask clients in places that quite don't realize how much risk your fees are paying should be ashamed of themselves right but will help identify that if it if it does come to the point where you are paying too much for taking too much risk it didn't realize that start a fire that advise we get a new one there you go we also help you by determining the percentage of assets needed to protect future income needs we call this income planning and buckets strategies we also consider taxes inflation those are two big enemies we need to identify ahead of time so we can counteract their harmful affects us right we do all this to make sure you have a plan that you can explain back your family we call it the family goals and longevity estate planning will offer that for the next twenty callers this is a two thousand dollar value when you could all the things were going as well as the three books at the death of three of my books you can choose the books that I've written and I'll sign I'm all for you if you want the next twenty dollars right now finally someone's offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talk there's a lot of financial double talk and retirement sales pitch is out there and here's the thing is we need to get around those sit down with a true fiduciary retirement planner and get.

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