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Is the episode enjoy? Harvey One and welcome to this edition of pursue the hunt live I'm super excited today to have a very special guest with US Jordan Walsh. He is the host of the rifleman on sportsman. Channel and its sister show to the best of the West and we're going to be talking about things regarding his recent trips to New Zealand Africa logistics. Some of the culture experiences some of the learning experience. On super excited so welcome here Jordan. Thanks for joining today. Like I just WanNa thank you guys for Adamy! Love doing stuff like this. You know that's the reason why I even got an on TV. Just to you know talk, teen with some like minded individuals and hopefully get some some new guys into hunting. I mean. Get out there. Try It really. That's why I do the show. That's what the rifleman's all about out there having a good time with your friends and your family, and just taking in what the great outdoors have to offer, so just just give us a brief overview of the rifleman. It's a new show. How many guys are you working with and kind of what's the? What's the features of the show? Guess with respect to host. It's just myself. Growing up, I was always a believer that hunting was. It was a group thing. Go hunting like I said to have fun with my friends, my family and create memories that will last forever. Obviously you know hopefully commemorated with trophy on the wall like some of the ones behind me, but not always the case and The trophy is memories out in the field I'm so the rifleman I'm always out there with with a group of people being my friends, my uncle, my cousins, my father my GRANDPA. And then you know like you said they're being assisted showing a best of the West and Husk them all optics and you know working with those guys in helping them as much as I can up here in Canada with some distribution. To really try to focus on the lawn, range shooting, and you know how to practice that ethically some shooting tips, and obviously everybody loves the shots and nineteen shells. Let's just call it what it is. You're not going to catch an episode of the rifleman without at least one or two or three gill shots so right right, so it's not just always so it's different people on the show. Depending on the episode and things like that, too, so that's really cool. Yeah, for sure awesome so. Let's get into the nuts and bolts here of. Year New Zealand and I know you're in new. Zealand I think. Was It last year? That's right. Yeah, last early June, and we're GONNA. Go back this year, but covid nineteen kind of seward out. Right, and so, what?.

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