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Fell dealt apologized individually and as a group deadline houston beat abby theaters managing director issued a statement apologizing for the handling of abuse allegations against the former artistic director gregory boyd who renounced his retirement earlier this month after a allegations of summa miss behavior on boyd's part more than twenty current and former ellie employs have told the houston chronicle that boyd's twenty eight year tenure the theater was tainted by abusive behaviour particularly toward young actresses imagine that the alley was under pressure from it on employees and donors after refusing to answer the media's questions by boys retirement which was announced january nights on behalf of the le theater we apologise recent events and the actions that led to these new stories we recognize the lack of transparency has been viewed negatively we should have handled differently we politized those impacted the alley staff patrons donors press and of the city of houston that i mentioned we repel addressing the donors unquote now with that dateline albany new york brooklyn state senator martin golden apologized on friday for controversial remarks he made this week that opioids are no longer quote a ghetto drug unquote when he went was offended by my choice of words regarding the heroin and opioids traces feature week at facing our state i sincerely apologise had golden a republican and former cop and the us olympic committee has apologized for the sexual abuse and assault of team usa athletes worse than our worst fears the chief executive officer of the usoc apologize to athletes announced the organization will launch an independent investigation.

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