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Bottom floor of the Lucerne building in downtown lake worth near the still stop by. And see them today. From the Levin studios. Anna jarring Levin. Accident attorney call one eight hundred seven four seven free. That's one eight hundred seven four seven three seven three three. All right. Mark Bank camp show. Jamie Markley David van camp, something we didn't get to in Scott takes the nominees. The Oscars saw the twenty nine hundred Oscar nominations have been announced, Jamie. And I know we're cutting edge this show. So I would like to tell you the best motion picture nominees are by the way. The whole reason you're doing the bit is for the first time maybe ever you've seen a couple of the movie. I know I've seen two of the nominees so excited about this. A star is born. Nope. Black. Clansman green book Roma. The favorite vice Black Panther sought bohemian rhapsody more than once those are famous for best picture now. Okay. Hold on. I'm cutting edge guy, Jamie. I'm right there. Right. Yeah. How many of these have you seen? I think one I wanna see you stars born siemian, right? No. I haven't seen it yet. On video Black Panther on video. Okay. Stars born I wanna see too. I wanna see it to a lot of the other movies doesn't seem like is. My thing. What about do you have actor to who's up for that? The best actor in a leading role Christian bale. Oh because advice oh, gosh. Rami Malik for bohemian rhapsody Vigo Mortenson for green book and William Defoe for at attorneys date. That'll be dude from Bahamian city. I hope so I think it will. He was great. I'm not surprised that though. What's his name would played Dick Cheney is up there. I am surprised at that movie. Made it for best. Well, said because yeah, I mean, Christian Christian bale, right? Yeah. He did a phenomenal job portraying the vice president, but it was a lousy portrayal as far as the film is concerned the thought it was stupid. Well, it didn't know what it wanted to be from everything that I've read what's up for best picture director, of course, actor in a leading role. This is just because well, it's hip to hate conservatives man was it. I'm not going to sit here and vouch for Dick Cheney, I don't, you know, I'm not inviting him to the next Christmas party. But also that was a totally unfair portrayal of who he was who he is. I guess I've never seen it. And then you have actress Stu Glenn Close for the wife. I dunno lady Gaga for a star. For a star is born Olivia Colman for the favorites. Melissa McCarthy for can you? Forgive me and alita operatiothe for Roma. Okay. There they go. Very good, man. They're all caught up. Now, man entertainment director, Scott, Robin. I'll go back to my entertainment and now time for nimrods celebrating.

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