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It's Tuesday, may eighth investigated Harvey Weinstein for attacking women. Now, New York's top prosecutor is accused of attacking women. We start here. The downfall of Eric Schneiderman took three hours. The pieces were lining up against Schneiderman almost from the moment. The article published what women are saying he did to them and how it could even affect the White House. It's primary day in several states, and this guy is on the shortlist become a senator will meet Joe mentioned and bitch, cocaine, Mitch, for the sake of the kids, we will break down the races and why you should care wherever you are and the world's biggest film festival begins today, but Netflix won't be there net flicks sort of, you know, when you clear and pulled everything from the festival standoff that could set the entire industry appro war from ABC news. I'm Brad milkey. We start here in just a second start here is brought to you by indeed dot com. Post your next job opening on the world's number one job site. Hey, a lot of news coming at you this morning. Let's get you up to speed and dig a little deeper. It was about seven months ago that Ronan Farrow published a landmark article in the New Yorker magazine with allegations of sexual harassment and assault by Harvey Weinstein. One of his accusers going to police secretly recording her confrontation with Weinstein, but no charges were ever filed allegations that he continues to deny at the time. Few people took a more aggressive stance against Weinstein, the new York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. We've never seen anything as despicable as what we seen here. The state's top prosecutor said his team was investigating Weinstein, aunt investigating cops and prosecutors for how they handled complaints Snyder. Men eventually filed a civil lawsuit against Weinstein to help compensate. His accusers will last night months later Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer published a new piece for the New Yorker this time with allegations from several women that they were salted by Eric Schneiderman. Some New York politicians had heard the story was coming, but they did not know how bad these allegations would be less than three hours after this article was posted online, but top law enforcement figure in New York state is out the course had swelled in Snyder. Men had announced that he will resign today. ABC's, Aaron Katersky covers law enforcement here in New York. He joins me now an errant first of all, can you just walk us through these allegations a little bit. The allegations involve four women. Two of them came forward to the New Yorker anonymously, but to others, use their names, their girlfriends have Eric, Schneiderman, and Brad, they all tell remarkably similar stories. They say that Eric Schneiderman usually in bed and usually after drinking hit them, their allegations of sexual violence are denied by Eric Schneiderman. He says he did not commit assault. He did not engage in nonconsensual sexual relations. He did acknowledge though to role playing during intimate encounters and Aaron, what is the deal. With that denial? Because Schneiderman says, I've never assaulted anyone, but he does not really describe what he means by that. And then the nonconsensual sex thing. I mean, that is not necessarily what these women are accusing him of and at no time did any of these women go to the police. Although they did tell the New Yorker that they later sought medical attention. The women seem to be suggesting assault, even if that's not the exact word they used. And Schneiderman was very careful to say he did not commit a crime here, but he did aknowledge that there was some kind of role playing. So it was a very careful statement. But then just a couple of hours later came that second statement saying that it was just going to be untenable for him to continue. Even though these allegations had nothing to do with his professional life, his running of the office, it was pretty clear bread that he was not going to be able to be the attorney general much longer the democratic governor Andrew Cuomo called for his resignation. So to democratic senator Kirsten. LeBron and the pieces were lining up against Schneiderman almost from the moment. The article was published. And Aaron, Eric Schneiderman might not be a household name, but there are few people who have more visibly praised, the metoo movement and who have publicly ridiculed, President Trump mean, does his entire platform. Everything he has stood for. Does that all go down right now? It'll be up to the New York legislature to now install on an interim basis, a new attorney general. We'll see if that work continues. There are a lot of Democrats who agree with Eric Schneiderman sentiments when it comes to President Trump. He was the attorney general for just this one state, but did gain notoriety because he was a constant thorn in the president side. Is it in Trump. I'll see you in court headed investigated Trump university. He investigated Trump family charities, and through court filings. He was an opponent of number of the president's policies ranging from immigration to the environment, the implications far and wide. But I want to go back to these women. One of them is Michelle manning bearish. She did go on the record. She says Schneiderman would slap her without her consent during sex. And then also outlines a frightening scene where they're fully clothed drinking. And when he slaps her hard enough to knock her over and then begins choking her. She went on Twitter last night and said, after the most difficult month of my life, I spoke up for my daughter and all women. I could not remain silent. ABC's Aaron Katersky, bringing us the story here, New York, Erin. Thanks. Thank you, Brad. It's

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