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The best of broom Head Key to our news 92 3 FM. I saw a story months ago that Scottsdale Bible Church was jumping in to help with Cove in And it was such a unique program. There were kids in Phoenix that didn't have access to technology. There was all the concern about the Internet. But there were a lot of kids that didn't have the access they needed to the tools that could let them learn whether it was laptops, tablets, the things they did not have technologically in order to keep going in school. So as a congregation. They jumped on board in a but they wanted to raise within their congregation a million dollars during a pandemic. When people are losing jobs, and people are concerned they wanted to raise money in order to provide that service provide those pieces of equipment. Two kids in need that needed them, and I don't want to give the whole story away. But I watched the video the other day of teachers and students with new laptops and explaining what, how this was going to change the learning ability of these kids. We talk so much about education on this show. And really after being in a high school graduation last night. We see that we do see the future. I'm not being I don't think I'm being um, you know, corny by saying that joining us right now is past arresting Rossello from Scottsdale Bible Church. First of all, Pastor, congratulations to you and to the congregation. Tell us what actually happened with this million dollar goal. Thank you so much for having us And thanks for you really started in December by raising some awareness around the projects. We just appreciate your support and in what you've done thus far, But we sat with our elder board and our director, local outreach Shannon Cox brought what at the time based on where we go out with covert and the economy. What was a pretty big concept, which was the idea of raising a million dollars a zany year in this was not like a big six month campaign, but just announcement and then a push for a year in gift that would provide laptops for like you said. Those kids in need in the midst of what we call this digital divide, Where, out of nowhere. We had kids who were stuck at home in a remote learning environment without access to that technology. And so we brought that vision. Elders sat back and said, yes, this is a great idea, which has a staff we were very excited about. But we were able to bring that vision of the congregation and what was so exciting to watch was co been caught all of us. I mean the world literally by surprise, and it also made it really hard to step into some of what can we do Type activities. And I think people were really at that time in the last year they were hungry to do something, but because of the restrictions and everything that was going on, it was hard to know what to do. And so it was amazing to watch the congregation rally behind this, and the goal is to raise a million dollars in but the time it was said and done. We were able to announce this last weekend. Uh, the congregation came forward with the hunt with 1.5 million, which was incredible. Based on the short on ramp to the project, as well as just the economy and some of just the unease that we were all feeling around just the economy and culture. So we had Ray He's more than what we were. We were needing and what that provided us. The ability to do is not just meet every identified need in the city of Phoenix. But we were the work of the city of Phoenix as well. A school connect to expand the project also go out to school districts in Litchfield Telephone as well as Fountain Hills. The total provided laptops was the city of Phoenix brought about 4300 and 75. Because of the general the generosity of the congregation. We were able to come with 7800 and 96. So with a total of 12,271 laptops that went out to those kids in need, and it was amazing thing to watch happen. That's just an incredible number. And and the I've, I am always blown away by the giving nature of the people in this valley when there is a need that's exposed, even in a time when people are afraid to spend money. The amazing things that people are willing to do. This was incredible. Their pastor, the church that I attended in North Phoenix Palm crossed I had the past Ronnie. I've had Rob Williams on a number of times and said that Cove it forced them to find new ways to reach people that they were actually benefits off the things they had to do in order to meet their congregations needs. To do the things they normally did. Did you find it that way for your church as well? Absolutely. I think one of the things that was so unique about Cove. Itwas, um it disrupted all of us and in the midst of being disrupted, you know you talk about you know whether it's Palm Croft and some of the different ways that they reached out, you know, we talk about our digital vibe project. Ccv stepped up in the middle of this whole time and raised a million dollars for mental health needs. One of the things that happened. We talked about this a little bit this weekend was it's a tricky time just to kind of figure out, particularly with beliefs and all those things going on the church's really striving to move into the community and just love well and that can get lost. Sometimes in the differing of beliefs and things, and one of the things that I was so excited about was whether it was Ccv. What? You talked about farm crops us. It was the love of God being shown into the community in a way by people who Sitting back and say We just want to love well, we want people to know that their love and one of the great things about this project was it was able to show to kids in need that people who don't even know them, love them care about their future and want to make sure that their needs are provided for and I don't know of anything that demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ. Better than something like a show of generosity like that. So yes, this had everybody in the church around the city, not just a church here there, but just the church's. It's represented showing that love in a way. That was somewhat undeniable. I mean, we have the city looking at us and going. Wait. Where you from? What are you doing? And that's a cool thing when regardless of what it is, where people get to show the love of Christ in a way that is transformational for lives, and when it's surprising to municipalities, it kind of shows that we got a lot of work to do in that area..

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