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I don't want to give away my secrets like like DC in DC and Joe Rogan pointed out in the fight. It just keeps that front leg light. You know, if I wanna fly off kick if I wanna fly off t- aiding the kind of keep distance. I use a kind of sometimes to just if I want to stay in the pocket. Just relax a little bit fraught legs. They're light. So that I can keep keep my tournament. All right. Great stuff Khalil. I appreciate it. Very much. Congratulations on the victory. Well done. Welcome back. And please don't hate me for asking that question. Oh, man. So trying my hardest. Not to. Let me tell you something. I don't wanna live in a world where Khalil Roundtree hates me the nicest human being on the planet. So if I think I might have to call it a day man, I'm going to do my best to spend the whole day like meditating on how to forgive you. Oh khalil. I'm sorry. Much lower. Appreciate it. All right there. He is Khalil Roundtree. Welcome back. What a performance out of him on Saturday. What a win against Eric Anders tough opponent who perhaps should go back to one eighty five. I don't know. What's going to be interesting to see what he decides to do? But a great win nonetheless four Khalil Roundtree junior. Alright. In a matter of moments, we're gonna be joined by our next guest. I'm told that he is joining us. He is the former Bela Tor featherweight champion. He is a man who just returned a couple of weeks ago was victorious in his return. But what a back story what a road to that return for Daniel Strauss. He joins us now via the magic Skype. Daniel how are you? Go home. I I'm doing. Well. Thank you very much for joining us, by the way, congratulations to the team dust Emporia. I know you're you're you're buds of them. Great win firm right on Saturday. It's been a long time coming he's been grinding for longtime and can be more proud of them. You know what? I mean. He definitely deserves a man he's he's a hard worker, Greg. Great fighter. Very humble. So it definitely deserved him. It seems like everyone loves max in him. But every you know, max ready champion the fact that he finally got that built us then got that built the whole MMA community seems very happy for for Dustin, especially what he's doing with the charity back home in Louisiana. So I I'm really happy for him as well. I know dozens background where he's coming from Louisiana out unseen. You know, been doing this thing for long time. Like, I said it well deserved. And like you like you said with a lot of people like max. And both of them are great both of them. Great fighters. But I'd like I said, I just couldn't be more happier phone. That's great. Well, happy for you as well. So great Hugh back what an amazing story. And I know I would imagine there's probably a part of you. That is tired of talking about what happened on that night in December of two thousand seventeen the the seventeenth of December to be exact, but for those that don't know one more time, could you tell us what happened and what you went through. Basically, what happened was I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I'm around a dead bone hit hit a guard world guardrail and was stuck up under gar real and had some damage my neck central corrida contue or central cord injury than shutdown my body. So I had no movement on my right side had no movement through my body in his doting back in, you know, initially when a when it happened. I was being told I'm not gonna fight again. I'm not going to be able to walk straight not gonna be able to do a lot of things in. So. Yeah. This past year and a half minutes spent a lot of just staying focused and just south building, you know, just working on myself trying to get back to the fine. And you know, you have any recollection as to why the accident happened. You know, what the be honest. I don't remember what happened. I've had some people. Tell me one thing of had other people. Tell me other things I really don't know. Exactly. What happened? 'cause I went out like.

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