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Coronavirus task force says when it comes to virus hot spots D. C. is among the hottest in fact the DC metro northern Virginia and prince George's county Montgomery County Dr Deborah Berke says the district has the highest code nineteen positivity rate that's the percentage of positive covert test results from all tests administered in the region the doctor's analysis comes just after DC mayor Muriel Bowser said the city could reopen as soon as Friday Maggie fox's senior health editor at CNN she says experts aren't so sure ready they also say that the U. S. is still seeing high levels of transmission across much of the country and say we really really really need to be cautious about some of the studies indicate that if you reopen carefully and if people continue to social distance to use masks to protect other people from themselves when they're out in public you can't stay away from other people if they're careful about hand hygiene and about cleaning things that maybe it's not so bad fox also tells WTOP that the positivity rates don't tell the whole story of how a city is impacted by the virus a lot of people are ready to be done with quarantine but for some there been more benefits to being locked up then they expected merely interstate quarantine is the reason they've been able to finish some home improvement projects or get more sleep in all fifty five percent of them say they'll miss it the study conducted by every day Kerry dot com shows that of those who have benefited from quarantine in the state forty five percent say they've been able to spend more time with loved ones another nine percent are grateful for the decrease in pollution in Virginia forty seven percent of residents also fell quarantine has been beneficial the state with the most people enjoying it North Dakota with sixty seven percent West Virginia has the least amount of people who say they'll miss quarantine with only fourteen percent Melissa Howell WTOP news Ocean City had already opened its beaches and now Delaware is the Delaware beaches are back in business for the holiday weekend residents of Delaware and non residents who have observed a fourteen day quarantine may now go to the beach but it is safety first Delaware governor John Carney expanded the opening of state beaches with guidelines the social distancing six feet apart where a face covering in public places recommended on the beach required on the boardwalks over in Ocean City Maryland lifeguards are not permitted to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation crane beach patrol supervisors will step in instead and use certain breathing devices do we beach patrol captain Todd Friedman tells WTOP his staff members will have similar equipment that can affix to a special man we also do possess and carry the rebreathers and the C. P. R. reading apparatus Christmann says they've been working on their new procedures for weeks and think they're ready Ken Duffy WTOP news outdoor recreation is a great escape for many of us who are following the safer at home advisories but these pesky critters don't follow social distancing rule not long now these little biters be busy around here Orkin says DC ranks number.

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