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Up. They don't get afraid. They just keep marching forward. And then you look Tyler Johnson. You and I were just talking Tyler's got an eighteen goals. Eighteen goals on the season now, and I got a double check and see what his career high is. I'm guessing it's low thirty so sees well on his way to a career year fingers crossed that he's healthy and everything just so many stories going forward here for the lightning. It's hard to keep track of and kind of fun. Yeah. It's a good problem to have when you're not exactly sure which storyline follow along. Because there's so many good ones. Coming your way, yet Tyler's goals are they don't have the career high here. I'll have to look that up during the break here. But for first of all the Montreal defenseman four points for the Montreal defenseman tonight. So as you mentioned a lot of activation from the blue line also lightning getting outshot in the game thirty eight to thirty two. But I think the telling stat of how this was a tale of two different games. Pretty much changing it up and the third period was shot attempts after one period, the Canadians had twenty six shot attempts. To the Lightning's fifteen after to the Canadians had the advantage fifty three to thirty four now for the game at ends up Canadians with the sixty five forty nine advantage. But as long as my math doesn't family, which is always a risky venture here. The third period was the first period tonight where the lightning have more attempts than the Canadians thera- fifteen to twelve advantage. So part of it was, you know, the lighting finally making some adjustments countering the Canadian speed. And also, this may be part of it. To Canadians did play in sunrise last night against the Panthers. Not to say that they fell off the map by any stretch of the imagination. But the lightning were perhaps able to take advantage of just a a little bit of a step down from the Canadians, even though it was still back and forth up to the very end. You brought up Adam Ernie and and good for him. Because as we've discussed before it's been a very long learning curve along road for him second round draft pick in two thousand thirteen. Always close always close always close finally getting that opportunity now and what I really like. And you mentioned this the ice time to it's a five five game. It's a division game. It's a game. Where a lot of things haven't gone right for you. So who do you have out on the ice in that final minute for that chance to get that goal? It's Adam Ernie. It's it's Anthony, Sarah. It's it's Yanni gourd right guys who have earned that ice time. But it also says a lot for the depth of this team. Once again, you know, you're you're stamkos is your kucherov your points. You're Johnson's they're all going to get those opportunities. But when you can mix up those lines, go, all right? Youngsters ernie. Gorge the veteran there Ernie Sara Lee and Gord that says a lot about the depth would also says a lot about each of those young men, and what they're able.

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