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The fellas are off the super bowl champion. Chris canty is here and speaking of off and to see earned say drew brees was a little bit off. Yesterday i remember the chiefs fourteen. Nothing lead yesterday before brees completed a pass. Let that settle down for a second. The chiefs had fourteen. Nothing lead before drew completed a pass. He was over six out of the gate. It's the first time in his career. He's been over five or worse out of the gate at coming back from those eleven fractured ribs. Add to the fact that when he was out the saints lose to the eagles the packers overtake them for the one spot a week ago. Packers win saturday putting more pressure on the same sunday. And you know what they say about pressure and pipe. Here's drew brees on getting back on the field after his four game absence. Throw the ball good enough and obviously that was kind of a ramp up you know from call it last week late last week into early this week and throughout practice a still have a little ways to go be honest. you know. There's some things that that. I'm still still kind of working on but it is what it is. Are you one percent. i'm on my way. I think if anybody deserves the benefit of the doubt. Chris from bouncing back from injury is drew brees. I don't think anybody in the history of the. Nfl has bounced back from an injury better than he has eventually going from. Not being able to pick up a ball and throwing it a yard to winning the super bowl with the saints. So i certainly believe he gets the benefit of the doubt. He says he's not one hundred percent. It's his first one back. So essentially what did you make of it against the quality of competition. They faced yesterday. Well he was shaking the rust off. I mean he hadn't played football in a month so you knew that he wasn't going to be sharp but it was important for the saints to get him back out there on the field so when people have the conversation about whether or not it was a mistake by sean payton and does taste him. He'll give them a better chance against the chiefs. You probably could make that argument under the circumstances. But it's not just about beating the chiefs in weeks fifteen. This is about the saints gearing up for a playoff run and you wanna get drew brees a couple of games under his belt so that when he does get to postseason play. That's your quarterback is ready to go. And he's going to be the breeze that we've seen the drew brees. That's that's gonna walk him into the hall of fame five years from whatever he decides to stop playing. But i mean in terms of watching the game yesterday. Yeah it was a little bit off in terms of his overall. Feel but you can understand that. Because he's missed so much time no doubt and you're playing the best team in the nfl and obviously has something to do with it as well. We're asking on the dr pepper twitter feed. Who do you trust the most in the nfc playoffs. It almost feels like a trick question. Because everyone's got their flaws. We'll get chris answer here in a second but you want to weigh in be a part of the keyshawn jalen zubin.

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