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Whether you're a young guy or a senior. It's just a matter of how well you could go out, do it on Saturdays. And so the capability and the potential for the young men that will take that Field is there. They just have to prove it. And it says this is not a new thing for Michigan. Michigan has had to replace 234 in some years. Five offenses Lyman in the past, and you know what Next Jeff Backus steps up the next rod pain. Steve Everett and you name to go down the list of all the great players. They started somewhere. And Jalen Mayfield recently they all started somewhere. It just so happens, you know, make saucepans uncomfortable because we don't know their names. But we have to trust the coaching staff and the guys that are in that building that they're going to be ready to play, and I'm one of those guys. I believe in them. I think it's gonna happen. I've seen enough to know that this coaching staff could do it. And yes, you're gonna have a new quarterback under center, and that's going to create a new, even higher level of uncertainty and questions. But I have all the confidence that they're going to come out and play good football. How far away is her ball from? If you had the line up and say, we're day in Ohio State football are at right now. The matter of the season is in January, April or not even played in the spring in 2021. How far away is Harbaugh? From being a true contender against Ohio State. What do you think missing or where is he Closing the gap? Well, the biggest singular position that that is missing is an absolute stud at quarterback. And then until Jim Harbaugh has one of those that could be the field general That he was when he played and all the other great players that we've seen at Michigan and and other schools that the common denominator is always there. Bill. If you have a championship football team, I will show you two things on that team and I don't care what uniformity is. I will show you a really, really good quarterback and I will show you a really, really good offensive line. Go back to the history of college football in professional football. For that matter. Every championship team has those two things, but you cannot have You cannot have a championship without that quarterback stud. And that's the biggest thing for Jim Harbaugh. And then the rest of it is the sort of his supporting cast write it be great if Michigan could have a stud feature running back for the first time, and God knows how long ballast Now we're talking about that just the other day. It seems like forever ago that Mike Hart was the feature back at Michigan, and it was In my mind. He was one of the last great backs that Michigan has had. We've had good backs in the last 10 15 years. But greatness is a word that is reserved for a few and I would put my part in that category. I'd like to see these other guys come along. So Michigan needs a have at least one, preferably to really, really good backs that Khun Block as well as they run. Those are some of the things that have been missing from Michigan. And so when you have those things we have balance on the football field. You put a defense in question. They're not sure if you can effectively pass the ball, and they're not sure if you can effectively run the ball because you're so good at both. They don't know what to do. And when you have a defense, that's guessing. Now you've got a chance to do whatever the heck you want. Doug Skin. He is on the podcast. Chris Balance of the Wolverines. Come when it comes to Michigan football. Former Wolverine offensive lineman Big 10 champion joining us on the metro help sports medicine Guess sign here in the old show across Michigan. Step back for a moment in and everybody take off your maize and blue glasses. And you ask yourself Star power that Doug scheme just talked about and let's just go last. We'll go last five years star power at Ohio State Clemson. Alabama and Oklahoma. I'll just go with those four. Maybe even a Georgia the Star power compared to what Michigan is cranked out. And that folks that is your answer without having to be defensive or debate it. You can look at the facts of the star power, the high NFL draft picks that those teams have had compared to Michigan. Would you agree, Doug? Yeah, I would agree Bill in the way I do this because, like fans, we all do. This is the way I do. This is I watch Alabama and I watched Clemson and watch Ohio State as the season narrows down at the end of the year because they're the teams that seemed to be at the top all the time. And I looked at the Michigan team that I've been watching all season long and I say okay of these 22 starters off them who would start at Clemson? Who would start at Ohio State who would start at Alabama, and that's your list of of true star power and the top of the top, you know performers in college football, and it's safe to say that at quarterback we would not have had anybody in the last five years and at other key positions, places we would not have had anybody in the last five years. We have had some for sure what we've had enough to put us at that level. The answer is no. And the performance on the field has indicated that with our with our results against Ohio State and results in other games that have been not to expectations, and so it is. It's an easy comparison to draw and it's not wanted us. Michigan fans want to draw but you said I had to take my maize and blue glasses off, so I did there for a moment. That's just the reality. It is Andi..

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