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He just came in with the mentality that, you know, I'm a keep working hard and I'm approved myself when I step on that court. And that's what he's been doing. All year long, you know, I seen him, you know, my freshman year coming out I knew he was gonna be really good and you know he's just dominant. He's just he's hard to stop and you know, he comes in. I shoot at every practice and I see him, you know, on the other floor. You know, dawn is work. So, you know, I believe is that, you know, a lot and it's just a testament to how much work he's put in over the years. I want to see him. I know he told me he played baseball growing up. Imagine him baring down on you. It's 7 four off the mound. What that would look like? That's pretty interesting. Thank you. But taller. It's crazy. The thing that honestly, the thing that blows me away about him the most is watching him shoot free throws because I've never seen a 7 footer that shooting free throws. It's like most guys are gonna get hacked, you know, Jack and you go down the line, most big guys. And with him, you can't, you can't do that. He's one of your best resources. He's got great touch. He's got big hands, like, great, great touch on his shot, man. He's darling. Why are you guys the best team in the country? We just got so many pieces. It's hard to stop when you have a great team with great pieces and that all play together all in as a team man. You know, it's just a hard team to stop when you have that type of time on the team and you mean you stop one, you still got to you still got Brandon Newman and you still got, you know, Zach Edie, you still got trivial Williams. You still got junior, you know? And Sasha, you know, the best shooter nation. So, you know, I just think we just got too many pieces and everyone just in together. You know, we just play for one another. All right, hey, the last thing before we go, I just want to get a little feedback from you Jayden on a list I put together, it doesn't include active players. So you're not eligible for this, but I don't know if you can see it well. This is my all time perdue playlist and obviously Rick mount number one. I don't know if you guys can see this. I'll try to get a little closer for you. Rick mounts one, the big dog obviously to Joe Barry Carroll's three. E to a more 7 Chris Kramer ten Brad Miller, I think I got him at like 15 or something. And I do have homo at 50, just so you know I got him in there. I put him in a 50. He's in there right ahead of sandy marcius, right ahead of sandy. So any issue with any of those kids, I think rap probably got to get up there, man. Yeah. Thanks, Jane. Hey, Justin. Rob we got to be out there. It doesn't matter. Did you say rob? So do you not in my 5000 of my college basketball rankings? So it doesn't matter. Rob's, I think rob's maybe four. I'm gonna put Robin for behind Joe Barry Carroll. That's where I'm putting it. Number four all time perdue. Listen, Jaden, you have a chance to the craziest part and Robbie said this and I don't know if you've asked this, but rob said is last week. He said, you might be the most talented player to come through West Lafayette since the big dog, since Glenn Robinson, which is a long time ago. I mean, to hear that from somebody like Robbie helm, one of the all time greats to come through perdue. What does that mean to you? I just said again, it's a blessing, man. Blessing from God. You know, I'm just thinking that, you know, I'm just in this position. You know, with a great team, you know, with great coaches and coach painter, and you know his staff, and thankful to just being this position, I can only thank God for real. And you know, I'm just going to keep going and, you know, day by day, just take a step by step, and just keep going. Before you go, I just want you to know, man. I talked to a lot of guys that I played with and played it Purdue and everybody is so proud of your guys group, man. Fun to watch you guys, you're unselfish. Good luck the rest of the year, man. It's been awesome to watch you guys. Thank you so much for having to appreciate that. Thanks, Jane. You're catching up again, man. And keep making your teammates better. Like I said to you, you know? That makes life easier for you at the end of the game because honestly, you're gonna get uncontested threes. You're gonna have more space to work with. You know all that you get to the best bigs in the country. So do what you've been doing. I've got number one, but you've got to take care of business later this week. Yes, sir. I appreciate that. Thanks again. See you guys. Thanks Jay, appreciate man. Good luck, dude. Fun watching you guys. Thank you. These days, small business owners are busier than ever. 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That's LinkedIn dot com slash good to post your job for free. Terms and conditions applause. Produce star Jaden ivy, sophomore guard rob. He has been electric. And he is electric. Like, that's the one thing to me that Purdue has that you can look around at those other top teams, right? Gonzaga, they've got drew Timmy. They've got homegrown. They got some good guards, nem hard. Duke, they got Paulo, they got Mark Williams. You know, maybe Trevor kills, but he settled down a little bit. What perdue has is something that nobody else has, which is you can put the ball on his hands, Jay and I be in sick, go make a play, period. Well, I thought against good saga, duke did have that. I thought they lived in the pain, but it was a different story against the hotel state. You're totally right. Jay ivy, his decision making and transition is as good as anybody in the country. And he's in the lead athlete is vertical as how many guys not just at perdue but in college basketball have wind milled in game. I mean, that list is like Sean Kemp and I mean guys like that. He's on that. He is going off one leg this year and I mean, that's just there's not many guys that have that type of bounce and ability. He's phenomenal. I think he's he's got a great team, Purdue has a great team, but he is an elite player. He's going to make so much money play. It's just crazy. So they've shot the hell out of the ball, too, and that was our big question mark probably going into the year a little bit. They hadn't shot it well. And I think they underachieved last year. Sasha is a good shooter. Isaiah Thompson is a good shooter, didn't get a ton of minutes, but it seems like he's kind of beating out Eric hunter at that starting point guard, Jay navy shooting in the 40s. You said earlier he's 27 last year. Brandon Newman, we knew could shoot about windy and of course he can. But yeah, they have a good shooting team. I was surprised at how they shot it last year. I think coach painter was too..

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