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How Morbid no I think about there are people that leave their house and Gough again? A car accident and their life is taken like that. Yeah and they don't have a chance to say goodbye and they don't have a chance. Wants to do one last thing one. Last time I think about instead of thinking about all the people that have a better than me I take a minute to be grateful because are people to have it so much worse and the thing about it is when you like I got to you if you get it detected and diagnosed you are halfway through the battle because then you just treat it. The hardest part for me was finding out what was wrong right because you felt not well not relieve. That's the wrong word but it was almost relieved. Going through Chemo peace. Finally there was some answers and I was going to find comfort again. I wasn't gonNA feel so on car is why is my face doing this. As soon as the first round was over the itching had subsided. My wife started to go down. It was just a sense of like. Oh wait was actually lifted my hair right but like an actual the feeling of okay. At least we out what was wrong. Yes yeah which is say. Count your blessings. Because I'm telling you there are people that have it so much worse and just think about the positive thing about the pundits all you can and I hate the saying because I'm not like I'm a planner to but you really do have to take it day by day. An oncologist told me this quote and it stuck with me the entire journey some days. You step on pebbles some days you step on rocks but every step you take is one step closer closer to healing. Wow so instead of people saying like how you feeling a good dare better. There are no good or bad days. When you're battling cancer there's Rockin pebble days right so is is it a rock day? That's pretty bad if it's a pebbled it's like it's not great but it's manageable Ray. So that's how I just did it. Rock Day pebbled had how to do it for for about five months. Five months five months from June everyday everyday people would say and then my friends had text me and say Rock Day or Pebble de. Hey fingers crossed really. Yeah that's how we had to monitor And so does it. It shrinks the tumor. She don't physically get surgery. Yeah I think the only I had a biopsy to find out the cells were cancer. And but no the chemo actually shrunk. I could show you picture on my phone really really have a before. So it's still there but it's it's gone. It's gone it shrinks it to oblivion scar tissue you. If you fell on the on the ground yeah now are you serious So just can get rid of goods route. That's incredible that you can just do that with a medication. Yeah it gets rid of shrinks. It's so small that it just doesn't exist any I would say to my dad. Oh my gosh. My hair is falling out so quick eyelashes like my nails. My mouth sores and he would say if doing all that. Imagine what. It's doing into the tumor under the tumors. Like cars. All my God it is and then so what does it do Louis Breakdown you pee or poop it out or what. You're gonNA toilet as a tumor. It's just like you in the toilet like such an asshole tumor fucking go. Go somewhere to say never never land. I'm back to where you came from. My pregnant friends would come over and eat with me. One day I'd say to them you're eating in for two and I'm eating for tumor so you know what pass go eating for two and I'm GonNa be kinder to yourself. Britney ahead a day. Last week I was rubbing hair. Grow hair growth oil on my scally CASTROVILLE. Yes it is still shining. You know. You're like Mister Mister clean here comes Mrs Clean exactly and I just want to a little bit of FIS and I think I'm getting it now. You are signed on. I just said I remember all the days that I would see it in front of this mirror and complain about my hair day. It's like split an Audi. Ah I think if we can. Here's my lesson. Everyone cancer not just be kinder to yourself yes because my hair was gone before I knew it so fast grateful for like what you have. Yes yes and your hair is gonNA come back. I know it's going to come back in full force to I know it's going to be thick. Yeah and maybe not as thick as before which would be a good thing thing right. I am being trying it out like my God. You'd enough hair to cover the war okay. I still go the hair salon. Please thin it out. Then yeah thank you know whatever but yeah all right we have you have to be grateful to be nice to yourself. You know people look in the mirror and you're so quick to like I like you beautiful friends. I have other friends were beautiful and you know I wanNA know his job or I want this or I want that or I hate this about myself and I'm like they're literally like a hundred thousand people in this world that would cut off their arm just to look like you like to look like you with one arm are there will be like hell. Yeah I'll take it exactly. Hey there's GonNa be kinder to ourselves yes I know it's an important thing to do. It's a reminder it's hard because we live in La. I'm sorry but like going through cancerous top going cancer in La in this industry and this business it was hard. All these gorgeous friends on instagram and INSTAGRAM's swiping through. I know you called it. It was really fun. You called it. Lymphoma lymphoma she was. Did I had Volvo Worthy. Why are they going Covering the EMMYS can cover them. I had falmouth because it was on Fox. The Sierra would've been they're doing I would have been there the you will be there this year and next year and all the years I chrome now right now you have a story in Asheville and you can always speak out about it and the I know let people know your story. That's the thing it's brought what I mean. I saw the people at brought together. It really move people and I often wonder and I know this is like a weird thing to say. God works in Weird ways. The fact that right when you really got big with your Fox stuff you got cancer and you were because of your platform were were able to use your voice. Use Your Voice all these people. Yeah which is kind of like incredible. Didn't happen before you know it happened happened right when you got. Yeah your biggest success in your place at Fox in your life. Half of my instagram followers are from this journey half sane and I used to have like you know how you can see more men follow your more women by I used to have seventy five percent men followers. Now I have fifty six percent sent women. Yes that's clear example of women supporting women. I love that and women need to support women. More say answer not hosted hosted at a party when everyone looks good and I really support willing. I know now who my real friends. Yes you do you learn. It's kind of crazy right. Yeah go through stuff like this so yeah. It's just like unbelievable but I mean like it's so it's insane that you went through this journey and you look the same like you really do your face. You didn't age. You didn't thank you know some people. I did go through Chemo and they get you know tired looking. whoa yeah exactly the same? You've looked the same since I've known you same for you. Literally saved his right now as long hair. But that's you look exactly the same as the little skinny thing guys. Please follow Amanda if you're not the following her already You need to follow her. Amanda Salis on Instagram which same thing on twitter. Amanda Salis that's S. A. L. A. S. not with to see if you're having trouble selling and Amanda spelled like normal off. Please go follow her. Send her some love You you know. Make sure t tell her. Thank you for being on this podcast and sharing her story. It means so much for letting me or I mean I wanted you to come on here and just talk about your journey because I'm like Oh this is a pike aspect the worst shit. You've ever been through. This is a everything else. Seems small now right it. Does it puts in perspective short as bad dates day. fucking bad shooting a your pants traffic traffic crapping having diarrhea in traffic by eight. Take any of it. Yeah over this any of that over this so guys please send her some love. Amanda thank you so much. Is there anything you want to shout out in particular on the podcast. Like any kind of your your the to charities giving Tuesdays coming up the end of the season if you need any last minute tax. Write off yes. I can't speak highly enough about the leukemia and Lymphoma Society so Leukemia Lymphoma Society is if you have a couple of dollars and you donate. Please feel free to do that. Thank you you're helping a lot of people are. I've met some these choice off some of the children. They're like broke my heart but honestly you're a warrior and I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to see you on Fox Guzm. Make sure to tune into Fox News News even if it's just for Amanda killing it and she's GonNa keep up with all her stuff in detail sir.

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