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On those who may not be following the rules to stay safe. Commerce Tommy Mottola also went out with Mercer Island Police yesterday have that designated boat operator that one person that says that I will stay sober today, and I will operate this vote. To make sure everyone else stays safe. Fines for violations can be steep for not having all the safety equipment. Life jacket. That's 99 bucks a person no whistle $99 no registration $257 and refusing a B Y test 2000 and 50. While this group's fourth fund has been temporarily interrupted, Matty says she's grateful the patrol unit was looking out for them. We had no idea that any of that was was not safe for. Okay, We're just grateful that everyone here helped us out and help us get where we were going. Police tell me the water right now is 74 degrees on the surface. That is amazing. But the deeper you go, the colder it gets, so if you're drinking and you accidentally fallen that will affect your ability to swim. That's why they are big on those life jackets and making sure people aren't drinking while they're operating Those boats. Almost Tommy Mortaza, the city of Seattle is closing Alki Beach Park 90 minutes early each night this holiday weekend. It follows a deadly shooting this weekend. A surgeon safety issues about the beach. The speech user says it won't stop people from going to Al Qaeda. We still come down here and hang out as long as we can. People want to Hang out. It's cool down by the water. Fires are still allowed on the beach in designated fire rings, but they must be extinguished by 9:30 P.m.. The park will go back to its normal hours. 4:30 a.m. to 11 30 PM tomorrow. And several area beaches are closed this holiday due to high bacteria levels. Area water temperatures are on 70 degrees instead of the usual 57. In all 10 beaches across four counties have closed due to high fecal bacteria levels. Laura Hermanson, with the Department of Ecology says this is rare. It's unprecedented. Um, usually for a season. We'll see. Maybe two are free advisories. So to how 10 and one day is We've never seen this before. It's astronomical. If you get in the water, experts say, wash your hands and take a shower. Scientists say you could get sick and experience vomiting, cramps and luxury, low grade fever. Children and people.

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