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For you know they can do when with testimony begins and you know of course you've got William Taylor bill Taylor is going to testify you know they want to do the price is right the that they should what what they could do is something like the democratic sure that's the that's the come on down music the first four contestants then they roll into the of the price is right music so yeah the networks going to preempt ABC NBC CBS they gonna run these hearing so the soap operas you know whatever programming runs the networks are going to carry this as well as of course cable news gonna run this as well ought to be a pretty crazy week Wednesday and Friday and we're here giving you the world according to Schmidt analysis you know what the storm we had a goal that just a bit and I have some good uplifting things for veterans day from the president today and of course well a little musical surprise coming up in just a bit you don't want to start with your something that we have discussed in the past yeah we've talked about this on numerous occasions on the show over the last one three years or so two years yeah maybe three years already your cell and I was reminded about it again today I was reading an op ed that Bernie Goldberg wrote that was published on the hills website and I was reading this piece I was like yeah you know what we've talked about that before maybe I should bring this back up you know this this is an example of some trump brilliance now whether you agree or disagree I like this is your brilliant and the strategy is brilliant it doesn't work on everyone it works on let's just say for conversation's sake half but probably less than half and it's the use of the term fake news and you know I'm glad I was reminded of this because I've probably talked about this thing a dozen times on the program more more in twenty sixteen twenty seventeen or you know what whatever whatever the story first you know came out but even before that I had discussed about the phrase fake news you know if I have time I will get into the entomology what is the real history of fake news what's the history of the verbiage the terminology fake news and its use hold on I'm gonna put that on on the back burner for a second here but what I was reminded of in this Bernie Goldberg piece was the conversation that Leslie Stahl hand with Donald Trump and this was back in the summer of twenty sixteen this is prior to the election and yeah I had Lesley Stahl who recounted a story where after the end of the I'm sure if you wish that you have this on video and we already talked to get we we've been talking to thank you news and and the terminology in the use of fake news this is during the campaign this during the presidency we we've been talking about this for quite some time and it really is fascinating and there is an absolute degree of brilliance here because what Leslie stall had recounted is that after the interview and wrapped after she'd interviewed trump leave them off camera apparently says that the constant bashing of the media was bothersome to her that she was getting tired of the bashing of the media and the story was that Leslie Stahl from C. B. S. asked trump why do you keep doing what why the repetition you you're you're bashing the media over and over and over and over again and this is one problem allegedly told Leslie Stahl from CBS that the reason why he bashes the media over and over and over again and again they are fake news that came out of that why and trump told Leslie stall the reason why I do it is to this credit the media did the media because when there is unfavorable news that the media reports he says that they won't believe you so that's I mean it's it's a it sure it's a propagandist shrouded G. but you can't discount the fact that that is a brilliant strategy whether you agree or disagree you might be your yelling and screaming at the tactic however yeah if you have an analytical mind you at least have to understand what it does not not everyone buys into it of those that dislike trump they have they don't buy into it but there is a large portion of the country and there are tens and tens of millions obviously of trump supporters that they're on board and this this is an elixir I mean it works brilliantly that's why it's broke into the brilliance of trump and the phraseology of fake news and bashing the media and remember if if your regular listen to the show you know I I've also been I think very honest I've been up front and I've been very clear what I've said that inconvenient news or non popular or positive news if if something is not positive for the president or he doesn't like it doesn't mean that it's always fake news but the president's right he keeps saying the same thing over and over again and and people will believe certain things and this case it's worked very well for president trump and for that it it again needs to be recognized as a brilliant strategy it has worked immensely as I've got my criticisms of the mainstream media you know clearly the media NIT picks and they go after every possible thing on from them many times trop makes it easy many times prop hands it up to the media on a platter which he could curtail that and not give them as much ammunition hurled back at him but I I again when I saw this for like you know what it's been awhile since I've talked about that Leslie Stahl peace as the others the story's been floating around for quite awhile where yeah she said why do you keep bashing the media over and over again and and from saying to this credit you to discredit the media so when a story that is negative is written that people won't believe you absolutely I wonder if that particular strategy was that the it was all trumped was there assistance on that was there's some Steve Bannon implant a curious on the for the genesis the origin of again trump using fake news and what what what was the strategy on that and again the constant.

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