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Our water, respect our environmental laws and the rights of indigenous people. This is our moment. Oh, we're never going to show up there. We won't do movies there because they won't give us the proper tax credits. But we want this. People want jobs and energy independence. Why is it have to be one of the other? This is the failure of Ryan Reynolds. This is the failure. Scarlett Jo Hanson failure. So much Just say so. You think that it has to be your way or no way and we think you're nuts. Your disdain for people is remarkable, by the way we have. Is there anybody within these? These tribal conversations that is totally fine with the pipelines. I don't know. I'm asking. I'm wondering if they ever asked. They're the ones who signed on to the letter. Did they do any sort of Wait. Hold on. Introspection is the second time I've had to go over this today. Did they even think about it? Yeah. Now they thought about how good it would feel to sign the letter and what's always signed that letter. You're so brave so so brave, please. It's It's not brave. Ryan Reynolds is not If Ryan Reynolds was brave, he would have signed up for another green lantern. That would have been brave. I'm Tony Katz. You don't have to miss any part of Tony Cats today. Solve that problem by subscribing to the podcast at rumble dot com. Rumble is a video sharing service like the tube guys, but they aren't playing around with the monetizing of the platform in content..

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