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Thirty five points as the raptors outscore the bucks in the fourth quarter thirty three to twenty four. We may stops on defense event. We gotta limit them to one side. They're rebound the team off the team. We can't get them to three looks at the basket. That's Leonard on TNT after the game Toronto now again up free games to two after winning their third in a row. And what a job backup guard, Fred van fleet had what a day for him is first child was born and then later in the day, he scores seven his seven shots from beyond the three point arc seven of nine to finish twenty one off the bench game six set for Toronto this weekend warrior. Head to be interested spectators. They are getting ready for whoever either Toronto, Milwaukee a week from this Thursday. But Kevin Durant will not play in the first game. Maybe not the second that injured right? Quadriceps muscle still hasn't responded well enough to allow him to get back on the court. Steve Kerr says he's kind of getting tired of talking about it because no matter what we say it's going to be headlines. It's going to be a huge deal and that affects Kevin and how you know how he's feeling about things. So we've just tried to be transparent with full knowledge that the injury itself is, is a huge gray area. Yeah. Meanwhile, the giants lose the safter noon here in the city, five to four to Atlanta. They took it in the thirteenth inning. And other finals of note Philly over the Cubbies nine seven at Wrigley. The Yankees beat Baltimore in a tight one six two five. Red Sox over the Blue Jays up in Toronto eight to two in Minnesota. How about the twins thirty three and sixteen. That's the best record in baseball. Who would have thought that it was going to happen? The twin sixteen seven over the angels. They had eight home runs today. Sports fifteen to forty five and all news, one, oh, six nine. AM. Seven forty KCBS..

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