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With Gina Grad on News Ball Brian on soundtracks and army. Horowitz calls in for a report from Pike City Hall in new. York and now. Never silent and definitely definite. Adam Karol. To get it on the choice, but again on mandate get it on. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for sharing love that about you gave. It data you. CAN'T underused I, we're. GonNa play a little birthday game in a second which Shek pointed out to me when we were doing a good sports, which is. which will air tomorrow? You hear this but. He pointed out his birthday his who who who he shared a birthday with a famous person, and then he said Who Do you share birthday with and I said I don't really know because it's not really my thing, but yeah but I, but I I. There's a few familiar names that you'll hear long your life. Do you have shacks by the Way Max? Or they have to find that I'll have to find checks fine checks, just a just a Kinda give an A. B. and are jumping off point, and then I thought to myself We should get everyone's birthday around here and find out who has the best day now. There's GonNa be some of this is going to be open to interpretation, but I WANNA know. This birthday. Is a cocktail party. Which one would you rather at time? You know what I mean. There's lose their and I know there's going to be some Hitler's and some Stalin's in there, but I'm saying, but I think let's just define it as a cocktail party. Everyone has five or six famous five or eight famous people. Who What party would you like to attend I love this idea. Can we've factor in the negative? If there is a Hitler or Stalin that would affect the desire to go to your cocktail party? Yeah, well, when you hear who's WHO's invited to my party. Then you'll, you'll know but shacks. Let's do shacks. I! All right check is June eleventh. And his party, Shyla booth will be there. Peter Dink Lidge. Hugh Laurie Know Gene Wilder make an appearance. Dinner! They're hard. Joe Montana! And Henry Hill. Right cut my vote and tasks right now. Let's see Baba. Wait maybe like the. Party! You'RE GONNA Joe Montana Gene. Wilder. You don't know we don't know. Some of you may beat his cocktail party. Who in WHO's at my party? Max Patta. Alright at your party. Adam, you have Henry Kissinger all right, okay? Jada Kiss it's a rapper. Jeff Bagwell the baseball. All right something. You have Richard Schiff the actor. Love Richer Sheff Good, Guy If. You're selling a cocktail party. You can't go that guy from the West Wing you the lawyer from seven right sorry. Vincent Price, ooh. Paul Betty. I. We're talking vision. Brilliant motto carries a German lieutenant during World War Two. You know like separating. LAUDI top German overseer. Wait a minute. There's a name on there that I know I recognize I. Don't know why Andre Three thousand. Bring.

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