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I'm curious. All right, let's go ahead and get back to business. Charles Europe next Welcome to the program. All right. Looks like Charles left the building. Let's go ahead and jump over to Brady. Brady. You're next. Welcome to the show. Yeah, right on Steve. Big thing that I see right away. Is everything that Donald Trump has done for Israel in the Middle East will be gone overnight. Get back to the Iran agreement. Right now They're in trouble right now Iran for enriching uranium into metallic substances, which means it's for fuel rods, which is used to send the missiles into Israel or across homely, different nation. That's gonna be destroyed. So right now you're gonna have to Israeli is going to go in within the next couple of months and then take up Iran. She can't have a war within the next couple months started, you know, And what I heard today was made was absolutely pathetic. I heard Hillary and Pelosi. Referring to our January 6 that Donald Trump was calling Vladimir Putin to talk about the riots at the Capitol. I know I read that. What ridiculousness we can Hollis is just gonna be written in the history books for our kids. You know, this is confusing my son. I am so This stop at the Democrats for what they've done to this man and what he should be on my Rushmore, and they want to impeach him again. For the second time. We've got a big, big, ironic thing going on in this country, and I don't know how we're gonna fix it. Yeah, I'm with you, man. I'm with you, Brady. And you know, tonight is the last full night of Donald Trump in office last full night. Yeah, It's incredible stuff. It is all right, Let's go ahead. And I hope I'm saying his name correctly or her surgery. You're next. Welcome to the program. I see if it's actually Sergei. Sergei, We'll see. You know what? I don't want you to think that I'm the guy that basically did that? I only read what they put on their own. No, no. War is just a good old fashioned Eastern European name. That's my name isn't proud, Naturalized American citizen. Now had in honor of casting my first vote as a naturalized citizen in 2016 election because I became eligible to vote only 2015. I've done it right, So the rest of my family And I just want to touch on one point that you brought up earlier in your show about a third party option, and I want all of your listeners to really understand one thing. Okay? Stop voting Republican because everything that took place in the past just a couple weeks alone as you And properly pointed out, show their true colors. Let them know that we don't support them and let them know what it feels like to lose that seat to lose that paycheck to lose that power and go on on the limp on.

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