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Love days. we love buffets. Oh we're not buffoons. Cause we love our loon straight talk with raw. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong on sharda. Nee on jay talk with ross so much. let's do a quick reach around a cj cj smear malone malone is years and also joining us. today is nicole now. Something mickey i the beginning to show. We're gonna do something we've never done before. Okay did you figure it out a what do you. What do you think we're going to do for the first time in the show's history. What do you think we're going to do. I'm afraid to say it because then you're going to say no that's not it and then we're gonna move on and pretend like i was just say we're going to celebrate me coming down warriors vagina. What no see your birthday coming up. Oh my god. Really lifting therapy terrifying. R&b there chardonnay work so hard on that and here you are hitting on it into the new listener. Who is chardonnay chardonnay kwan. Everyone knows as my daughter and you know what she worked hard and you saying really gonna affect that dumb little girls self confidence. It was scary to nikki. Welcome to you birth if you've never listened to program before new listener nick. He's never had a birthday before. And i said what this year i. I heard nick having a birthday. i thought of. It's very happy first. Birthday to nicole boyer and we have mystery guests coming in surprise. Lesage is darling. You think. I'm this wins coming hot and fresh this. Oh happy first birthday nikki. Boyer can't believe it. You look amazing literally. I may wish you many many more and hopefully we can get to celebrate this every year. Who knows anyway. Miss you tremendously and you know who this is. Dr gentleman caller fiance love you right. That's not it. I mean it's not wonderful so many of them so many messages another one. Yes i love this. Oh my god nikki. I can't believe it's your birthday. Anyone that knows nikki for five minutes just knows that she is just the cutest sweetest kind to seoul. She's just adorable and fun and smiley and happy and she's just like great energy to be around the other night. I was with her and i said you want a piece of cake and now that it's a birthday. I wanna send her big cake. But i don't think i'm going to. Because when i said to her. Do you want a piece of cake. She goes have you seen my ass anyway. Nikki we love you. We wish birthdays and we can't wait to see soon to celebrate and person. Happy birthday sweetheart. Love you that is of course. That of course is my realtor to the stars. Arlene coin keller wishing very. Happy birthday nikki. I have to say arlene. And she called me. she goes. did you hear it. Do you think she'd be upset about the common better. Do you think is okay. Because otherwise funny. Gosh we have more surprises coming. I'd like to a like nikki. We have a big mystery guests coming up but first here's one of our many mystery guests. It wouldn't be a birthday. What do you need to have a birthday. Cj you need a cake uni what else. You need balloons. What else do you need. Malone a male stripper. Yes on microwave. A micro in well. It's funny you met nuneaton nikki hates. Microwaves isn't that true nikki. I don't really use them. You don't use them rest..

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