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You know what i'm say absolutely they don't get it yeah dude there's tremendous opportunity right now in every fucking business for people that actually give a fuck about other people awesome yeah that's awesome so sorry no while its head white hair you would've loved it dude these white haired mother fuckers they were like sitting there talking to me and they were like oh blah blah blah blah blah blah why did they approach you i can't remember why how the fuck it happen so your car no somebody said something to them and they said they said oh hey bob la but the funny thing was is like in the middle of the conversation when they were talking to me i did pull out my fucking my lambo key and put it right in their face i put it out on the table tagil of yeah fuck yeah dude my and they're like oh my god so you're looking land bought there i'm like yeah they're like oh there's a duty drives a white under white events and i'm like yeah that's my mother fucker dude it was great his awesome yeah where are you saying i was just going to say one of the things that you know whenever you hear people pitch they're not really new business ideas and you know it's like all the people that come up to you like hey i'm going to start a supplement company blah blah blah but what's funny is ever doing it by the way to help people you ever notice that because you're you're with me more than anybody they always come up and they're like dude i could sell this product and that can make this this this and like i already tell and i know you notice it to their focus focuses on them it's not on the fucking customer if you're focused on the customer thaking lose you're gonna get destroyed by people like us.

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