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The freelancer only minor daytoday fluctuations are expected in the weather across our region through next week above average temperatures will persist with recordbreaking daytime temperatures possible this upcoming week him i this is fresh air aim to reduce our guest israeli investigative reporter ronen bergman says that israel has developed the most robust streamlined assassination machine in history his new book based on a thousand interviews chronicles decades of shootings poisonings bombings and drone strikes the targets were perceived enemies of the jewish state ranging from british colonial officials in the 1940s two leaders of hamas hezbollah and the plo to iranian nuclear scientists bergman described the planning and approval process for targeted killings which typically involved young military and intelligence operatives making the case for a strike to the country's prime minister bergman writes that israeli assassination teams were effective at eliminating their targe gets but often at a moral and political price they're leaders would only come to understand years after their missions ronen bergman is a senior correspondent for military and intelligence affairs for yet he owed are a note the country's largest daily newspaper and a contributing writer for the new york times magazine he spoke to fresh shares gave davies about his new book rise and kill first the secret history of israel's targeted assassinations the ronan birdman welcome to fresher what do you think it's important to write about the subject of targeted killings because this tool has been used but israel for a long time the history of israeli intelligence secretly but profoundly affected the history of the country and the history of the region and sometimes the history of the world and targeted killings were main tool that was used this that the first and the second because other countries nowadays a using this kind of westland united states and i think the united states has a lot to learn from the operational intelligence of vast experience of israel but also from the moral price that this will has paid and still paying full use of such an aggressive measure you described an operation in october of 1982 in israeli military intelligence forces were trying to assassinate yasser arafat by shooting an airplane out of the sky over.

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