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I'm Priscilla rice and I'm coming to you from Live Oak recording studio in Berkeley, California, and I'm joined on the phone today by the founder and the chief Visionary officer of BNI. Dr. Ivan misner. Hello, How are you? And where are you this week? I am in addition to many recorded visits all around the world. I am Live this week June for a regional compact. In event, so I'm in Canada this week. That sounds all right. Now also this week I have a guest this is his fifth visit to as a guest to be an iPod cast and his name is Mark Applebaum. Mark has been would be and I for over 15 years. He's been a director consultant for more than five years. He's long and successful chapters in the b&i Utah and North Region Marx married to his amazing life. He says Tiffany for almost twenty years with two children Ryan and Tom Jenna and one of the things that Mark loves to do is to teach chapter members how to give visitors a wow experience. I can't think of anything better than that. Welcome back Mark mm contest. Thank you so much. I've it's great to be back. What's good to have you here? And you want to start by talking about making visitors female wanted so the floors your home. Well, thank you, you know a little background of where my y about this topic came up his growing up. I grew up back east in New York and my dad owned a pet store or at the time when I was growing up and I worked for my dad for many years and my dad was the world to me and he struggled a lot financially. So if a customer ever left his store, but happy it really affects his livelihood. So I was did my best to if a customer wasn't having a positive experience at least have them leads as happy as possible and you know in vni every visitor is not only a potential customer to be an eye, but it's a potential customer for ourselves. It's a their potential referral partners for ourselves more could lead us to potential customers or referral Partners. So how we treat our visitors. It's just imperative. So this podcast, you know, if you're a visitor host. It's not just meant for the visitor house out there. It's really meant for every single member to take on the mindset of a visit. Post because we all play a role in that visitor experience and it's in the future success of our chapter know let me just add one thing to you real quick. I know if you know this, but when I started back we didn't have visitor hosts. One of the things I said was that if you invited a visitor you had to be there host and honestly that didn't work as well. So because not everybody's created equal as a host wage and we did create visitor host. But that was my initial concept with b and I was that everybody had to be a host especially the person that invited them and I love the story to share in in givors gained about the visitor you sent to a chapter who ended up going to a different chapter who's the chapter that actually designed to visit our house program. That's either story. So everyone listening think about the region your chapters in and the amount of chapters you have in your region and just here in the Utah North Region. We have fifty three chapters and just in the Salt Lake area we have over 2,000 chapter wage. So depending on what what a visitor does they really in a twenty-mile radius twenty-minute radius. They have a wide variety of of chapters to choose from. So if you if the for the people if you take a moment and think about your chapter and the culture that it has now imagine for a moment every chapter in your region met at the same time the same day in the same location as all the other chapters sure that's not possible. But imagine it was for a moment. Yeah, I would a visitor choose your chapter over all the other ones and you know, it really comes down to what the poet Maya Angelou says best people will forget what you said people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel. Yes, what a visitor feel welcomed and important. They're more likely to want more of that and yep. That's why we all play a role in that positive experience. Whether you're the visitor host or not your contribution to your chapter and that in your involvement with how the visitor enters the room and Enterprise is in call and and welcoming them really makes such a difference. So a few examples of ideas that members and chapters can take on that could be very beneficial to them. The first is off when the visitor is already registered in BNI connect. The leadership team will receive an email saying so-and-so is registered to to visit on this particular day. Right? Well, the idea would be that the president of the chapter soon after getting that email sends a personal email to that visitor and also on that email they copy on the email other members in the chapter that are complementary to the visitor and then purpose of all that is 1 to let the visitor know how excited they are to meet them to to give them any instructions. They they may need to you know, show up but yep. To really let the visitor know that these other members could be great power Partners together with that visitor and so a great success story. I'd like to share is about three years ago as a director. One of my roles was placing visitors helping visitors find Chapters and I was working with one professional and his business was custom mens clothing and because of his schedule I took it into three different chapters and the third chapter he went to the president at the time Steve level who's the business attorney in the chapter was phenomenal at doing this and so he sent this personal email to this month custom clothing gentleman, and he see see the financial adviser and the family law attorney on on the email who both of them also replied to the custom clothing gentleman saying Thursday, we looks so we look forward to meeting you we too could use help with their own wardrobe and that visitor ended up visiting and a couple of weeks later. He ended wage. Joining and a couple of weeks later. I called them to say to figure out why he picked that chapter over the other two and in his words. He said that that chapter had an unfair Advantage because without one month then, you know connected to the members before they even met them that he wanted to join a group and three years later. He still a member of the group though. That is a fantastic story and it's and it's a great example of what my what you're suggesting is powerful. One of the thing I would add is that I think you know leadership team people think man. Why am I doing all this for b&i? You're not doing this for being on you doing this to network? So one of the advantages that a president has is they have a reason to make a connection with somebody they have a reason to increase their visibility quickly talk with people. And so this isn't about doing something for being on this is about you increasing your visibility and being in a position as a leadership team member to be able Increase your visibility very quickly for not only you but others as this person was in making connections to other people which led to referrals. What what a perfect story. Thanks. Yeah, You said that any better you probably been with us for a very long time ago and over the next idea is.

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