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Overtax I was like but wait won't be nice to have plans won't be nice to have something to do at six. Pm on like the luxury of not having children or anything else that I need to take care of like But Yeah so. I don't know maybe maybe kind of giving us that. That sort of structure is not just beneficial for the industry in whatever way it is but also for us on the other side in terms of just like letting schedule will return to normal or at least as close to normal as we can win strategy. I've seen for. Vod release is like various online online. Influencers sound so gross but like people people who are influential in the film world on film twitter etc running these like live tweets of new releases. So like maybe that's the new normal as like. Hey you know distributors studios if you WANNA debut Splashy new movie on Vod and have the little men hosts live tweet. The premiers of let us know you. Are you promoting us for a job? I mean why not. I'm just trying to make us essential employees but it's like that it's it's trying to capture that spirit of collaborative viewing obviously tweeting about a movie and watching at the same time is is not the ideal way to consume cinema but You know needs must maybe sometimes so. I don't know that's just something I've been seeing with. I think the Alamo ran something like that. Elise loan Ran Something like that. So perhaps that's an approach That we might see more of okay to pivot from our current mess to the past and to a a vision of Hollywood in which there really was no mess than everything could be kind of easily solved even the transition to talkies We're talking about singing in the rain this week. It is a movie. I've seen a ton especially when it was on dope struck. I watched it a lot so I almost felt like kind of embarrassed going back and rea watching this because there's so many other classic musicals that I haven't seen But it did feel like the ultimate comfort food to dig into. Which is. Maybe why I'm not surprised at one pole Joanna. Maybe we'll start with you. Did you also find the The pleasure of sinking into a warm bath of watching singing in the rain. I was delightful. Yeah and it was pouring rain here yesterday when I watching it so it was perfect. Perfect ambience yeah. This is a movie. I've seen one gazillion times and I rem- I was remembering that I owned the soundtrack on cassette As a kid Cassette wiles Yeah and I have a memory of like. We took a family vacation to Hawaii in like fifth grade. And all I did was sit on the beach. And listen to you singing in the rain soundtrack on my Walkman because it was an incredibly cool kid. I'm sure you're were so glad they dried you all the way to Hawaii for you. They actually got. They got really mad at me I also watched. I also watched show boat at one point But yeah so. That's that's who I was as a kid. Yeah I like every single word of every single song I know because I have like. I'M MMEDIATELY TRANSPORTED TO HAWAII. Beach listening to it for a reason. Yeah I mean like what would it incredible musical we I. I think it's kind of fun. That are films two weeks in a row have been you know movies that are about the film industry. I think that's kind of fun thing for us to do and This also not in the same sort of poison pen letter or sunset boulevard but this also you know is is jabbing jabbing at Hollywood. And some of the tropes of of the silent era a little removed from when this film was made. But I just you know just the way it starts off with a red carpet event and you see these archetypes. How bad of a car. One of which play by Rita Moreno as the flapper girl or whatever That's just like a fun fun attitude to take for this film. That was very much like of the studio system. You know one thing that I think people don't necessarily realize about seeing the rain Which is one of my favorite. Musical facts is that it is essentially a jukebox musical Arthur freed who was a producer. Mgm The freed unit was famous for producing all these lavish. Mgm Musicals. He wrote most of the songs earlier in his career and he gave a bunch of his songs to combat green the screenwriters and said like make musical out of some of my songs so that I can then get the money from the songs being hit so stuff like singing the rain etc. We're definitely not written for you. Know the the plot was hung around these songs Which is a kind of musical making? That musical snobs like myself. Now sometimes looks down her nose at the idea of a jukebox musical like Obama's jukebox musical. Even though I love me but but that's just I. I think people don't know that about seeing the rain which I think is fun fact. That explains how at the end the composer can say. What are YOU GONNA sing? And she can say singing in the rain. And Yeah I find that one of the things that's inspiring about it but maybe also and I want to hear Mike as the singing in the rain skeptic but I like the fact that it would it emerged from the most cynical motivation being like we all these songs we own them. People like put him in a movie And they managed to make something kind of wonderful out of it anyway. I feel like that's the power of so many like big old studio movies and mgm in particular. They were this machine. They were so fine tuned to make movies that people watched and then like no one was considering film and Art. At that point they would just lose movies all the time and yet in the process of doing that because performances and because of clever writing like singing in the rain managed to stand the test of time so well it it feels to me like an example of what Hollywood can do at. Its best when it's trying to make a ton of money but also make something great and process. Wait so Mike Mike. You don't like seeing the rain hit me. Hit me with the perfectly honest. I've never sauce in the rain before never had any interest in seeing singing in the rain before I obviously saw the scene where Gene Kelly singing in the rain which is always seemed fine. I feel like they played that in like an Oscars You know montage every year but and something weird happen where You know we're watching a lot of movies and stuff here at at hsieh's Hogan and after Sunset Boulevard. I can't sort of erroneously excited about the fifties and thought maybe maybe the fifties are better than I had always thought because I always thought they were just horrible and I tried if he's like cooler and more like a cynical more interesting than I thought and then I tried to watch Some like it hot and just had to shut it off after about ten minutes because it was just so loud maybe twenty minutes and then and then I watch the searchers. And I'm like I mean. I know that this is great but like it's so freakin reactionary. And you know there's just like there's a lot of problems with it it's like you really signing onto an incredibly screwed up world view that we that we are still kind of dealing with today and they were like inventing it you know the searchers unlike the idea that Natalie Wood having sex with a native American would be like the worst things so terrific. Yeah just like you know I mean look. Things are more complicated than than maybe we give them credit but just the whole John Wayne. I mean. It's complicating the John Wayne Persona but it's also very much sort of you know elevating it in presenting it and it's interesting but it's kind of annoying and then so then to just have to sit down and then watch another sort of big fifties movie that is you know and so early on watching it. I'm just I was slightly against my will and really kind of keying in on all of the things that are whatever. I mean politically incorrect. Racists misogynists stick whatever you WANNA call it and so it took about twenty minutes to sink into the warm bath. It helped that I was. I was as one does when one is watching against one's will wikipedia. Ding Gene Kelly and realizing that he was a total bad ass who took on the House on American Activities Committee and stood up for his wife who was a suspected communists and turned out to be like. He's like a new hero of mine. Irish-american Yankee Fan who stood up for the right stuff so that was helping and then eventually you know you do get you. Do get sucked in early on. I'm just like what was the weird fixation with these Debbie Reynolds type. Sort of you know Clean cut girls in the fifties like I. It just feels like I couldn't separate the thought of of fifties culture as this traumatized reaction to to the forties an even the thirties. Which I get. I mean those. Were very very difficult times but it just sometimes it feels like the whole world decided to delude itself and pretend that life was much simpler than it is because they were deeply traumatizing wounded. And I find that not entirely calming it. Actually stresses me out sometimes Richard. I WanNa hear from you where you landed on this. I had the I had the exact opposite reaction. I think in that like you know I was watching it somewhat later at night. Probably like ten thirty eleven. Maybe having a glass of wine maybe kind of like subject to the sort of emotional wins That that that kind of our situation applies but like I thought something about the movie being set when it was in the nineteen twenties at this kind of epoch era where where. A lot of people fell through the cracks And I felt I found myself really sad for the the actress who was kind of the villain but also I just felt really bad for that. Her career was going away because of something she could control really But I thought that you know this movie coming on the Early Nineteen fifties looking back at this time. Kind of almost leapfrogging back in time over this horrible war over the depression to the time right before and then to have these people you know so joyful and singing these lovely songs and with such kind of mellow moxy. I thought it was kind of heartbreaking and beautiful actually and You know to see Gene Kelly singing that song which I'd seen many many times before I'd never seen the whole movie. I've seen make him laugh and singing in the rain. And all the The musical numbers before it never stitched together with the movie But the singing in the rain moment particular is just so gentle and small and sort of hopeful and I. I don't know I was really really moved by it in a way that I was. I was speaking to have fun but not to be to find something really deeper and almost kind of melancholy about it. Yeah I mean I. I would agree that by by the early part of the movie it was. I was coming around to it. I thought the singing in the rain seen is is truly incredible. Make him laugh is fantastic. I mean all the stuff you cannot just be sit slack jawed at Gene Kelly. Donald O'Connor every single thing. They do is incredible. Debbie Reynolds joins them. It's even better right. They're all just incredible. And there is something very beguiling. And maybe you're right like a little bit heartbreaking about the simplicity. Right there is it was like a fetish for for being like a child you know and and having having this kind of childlike simplicity and Kyle snus that is seductive is just it took me a minute to kind of come around your Jackson. No I mean it's interesting because Jean Hagen who plays Lina Lamont She is the only performer was nominated for an Oscar out of this and I think it's so deserved. What's what's funny is you're talking about. How Gloria Swanson lost the Oscar Boulevard to Judy Holliday for born yesterday? When I think is really fun. Is that Jean? Hagen Played Lamont was Judy Holidays under study on the Broadway version of born yesterday. So when she comes into her audition for leaving not she's basically just doing would. Judy Holliday did in born yesterday. Because it's like something she trained and she got essentially a similar role but with a villainous spin to it And she got nominated for the Oscar like two years later she lost to Gloria grahame. But like I think that you know. I almost think that. If Judy Holliday hadn't won sh she would have won for this. I think she's incredible in this. I love that Oscar history. I think she's incredible. And what's fun is like? It's just not like later when like Debbie Reynolds dubbing leader. Lamont's voice like that they use the real Jean Higgins real voice real light cultured voice. Because I guess if Reynolds is to Texan or like to to Weser twangy sounding for them so like the scene where she's dubbing the voice of the actress she's dubbing they use the actual actress or like win win. Debbie Reynolds is singing like the Big Lake Ballad number. She's dubbed by another woman singing the role that he noise and so it's just like there's layer upon layers of like you know the exact movie tactics that they're sending up. They used in this film as well so I love work. Cosmo Brown just invents dubbing and also the fact that the actors have the ability to be like. We'll make it a musical. We've got an idea to put on his show. I wanted to say that This all comes back to my talking about child actors on this where I I have mixed feelings about it because while I want children to always have a childhood that don't involve working anytime. I see someone who was raised in Vaudeville. The way that Donald O'Connor was you watch. Make them laugh and you know that that kind of skill is something you can only have if you have been doing pratfalls as you were three years old on stage and it is so fantastic. I'm so glad that that does not exist. Like I'm sure Vaudeville was wonderful many ways. I'm so glad that kids don't grow up that way anymore but oh my God..

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