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In lansing diane nash not a household name but she certainly is a big name in the history of the civil rights movement here's wjr's gene fogel nashes known as the mother the freedom riders move in a campaign to desegregate interstate travel her role in nonviolent protest began back in nineteen fifty nine when she was a student at fiske university nash was a founding member of the student nonviolent coordinating committee she had been arrested numerous times for civil rights activist and was appointed by then president john f kennedy to a national committee that promoted passage of the civil rights act of nineteen 64 she later became active in the peace movement working to end the vietnam war gene fogel wjr news wjr news time five all five with traffic and weather first on the fives here's dana clark good morning good monday morning dick quiet start task for the moment until we do have a closure because of flooding in dearborn ann arbor trail i should say hindes dr shutdown down between west outer drive in ann arbor trail once again that is closed due to flooding a right now the roads are pretty good out there 696 westbound between seventy five and the launch that will take you nine minutes if you're traveling southfield freeway southbound between southfield road and ninety four that's a fifteen minute commute i'm dana clark wjr traffic first on the fives wjr weather center a bit slick for some this morning with your weather advisories to our west scattered flurries and snow showers coming in maybe up to an inch or so of snowfall 25 this afternoon scattered snow showers tonight sixty maybe some late day snow showers tomorrow twenty one from the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich on news talk seven sixty wjr seventeen degrees wjr news time coming up on 507 as we told you as you know this is martin luther king day and number of events of course all around the country on the martin luther king day agenda wayne state has tribute scheduled to take place that will be at the max fischer's centre on woodward that'll be a ten am eastern michigan university has a breakfast event that'll be.

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