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So it'll be interesting talking a bunch of people who grew up from a school shooting from six years ago and they'll just somehow tell them presidency but we'll be here to st anyway the NRA. That's a quality program. You can here few years fastback. was. Not. Really a fast fact. It's just a it's just a fact. She is a descendant of slave owners. Kamala Harris. Here's the thing that's awkward. What is Now, I'm arresting registering as it. Can we verify this and I went to snow pts and snow pts? You know they really WanNa. Save false though. And they said unverified well, do you think that would apply that same standard to someone else if it was, let's say Donald Trump's father wrote in two thousand eighteen and op Ed bragging that he was a slave owner I have a quote right here. My roots go back within my lifetime to my paternal grandmother Miss Christie Christina Brown to Senate of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brownstown that's almost as bad as white settlement yes. which is an actual city he was out there bragging about it the data about slavery. So can we verify not exactly but we know that Kamala Harris hasn't denied it. And even? Your guess is as good as mine will I. Guess as good as her dad's I'm willing to bet he did at twenty three and me ancestor dot. com. So. Proud. She's proud of his love it. Accuse people of being tone deaf because you're white. Man a black man. HR. Bragging about a town named after his slave owner in a plantation. I mean you just think you just think like someone might have did proofread this. You know what? Hey, you know what Mr You might want to re highlights portions and read. That's the best part promote these subservience. Yeah I worked so hard. That's what we want. Also that I did the tanker commercial that's just not do that because they no longer Wanna be associated with this. So here's something that is important to me. We look at everything through the Lens of identity politics. Kamala Harris obviously, she's a wealthy person. She was rate she jamaica right. Slave owner, that's the ancestry. So are we going to argue that Kamala Harris coming here to the United States has faced the same kind of discrimination or or systemic racism that African Americans are claiming experience, and here's also the problem with that. Let's take it a step further because they say you have white privilege you have well, really Asian privileged not to that's the thing because of Harvard and Brown. We're better. Yeah. That is. It's genetics. Everyone gets incoming genetics talk about Asians or better but they. Do. Better. Right I mean we're taking over. The years like nineteen, billion of them. I. Don't know why. But your people are fertile bill. You look at them wrong to get pregnant. So you want to say we're going to read a lady who came from Jamaica. The descendant of slave owners has it worse off than let's say someone from West Virginia, who is not the descendants of slave owner was raised in poverty. You know what? Let's use I'll use myself as a very specific example because we assume that all white Americans are the beneficiaries of slavery in to some degree or another and that black people today today in two thousand twenty are somehow still feeling those systemic effects and that may be true in some scenarios in my..

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