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Love <SpeakerChange> poem california. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Female> Oh yes absolutely. <Speech_Female> I <Speech_Female> love i love <Speech_Female> marzipan <Speech_Female> dark chocolate <Speech_Female> see's <Speech_Female> candies. Marzipan <Speech_Female> jack duck chocolate <Speech_Female> is the best <Speech_Female> and of course godiva <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> is dark <Speech_Female> chocolate. I only dark <Speech_Female> chocolate <Speech_Female> though. That is the <Speech_Female> best and <Silence> You know <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> what can <Speech_Male> i say. <Speech_Male> Also also <Speech_Male> that's <Speech_Male> how it would be so so <Speech_Male> socio <Speech_Male> so <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> top it off <Speech_Male> you can ask me a question <Speech_Male> the <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> Any questions for me. <Speech_Female> I <Speech_Female> know i don't <Speech_Female> have any question. The only <Speech_Female> thing i can say is <Speech_Female> i'm i'm feeling <Speech_Female> your energy <Speech_Female> and you're such <Speech_Female> a beautiful soul. <Speech_Female> Edward <Speech_Female> you're such a beautiful <Speech_Female> energy. <Speech_Female> I mean i'm <Speech_Female> just kind of <Speech_Female> because for me. <Speech_Female> I don't <Speech_Female> really see <Speech_Female> a person physically. <Speech_Female> But i really touched <Speech_Female> at in the heart <Speech_Female> and an touching <Speech_Female> your soul and heart <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> you're just <Speech_Female> a very very beautiful <Speech_Female> person and <Speech_Female> thank you for being on <Speech_Female> this earth <Speech_Female> and thank you for doing <Speech_Female> what you're doing <Speech_Female> because <Speech_Female> i think you are helping <Speech_Female> so many people. <Speech_Female> What an <Speech_Female> amazing work you're <Speech_Female> doing you <Speech_Female> know. Thank you for <Speech_Female> what you're doing and <Speech_Female> for who you <SpeakerChange> are. <Silence> Thank you <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> appreciate the the <Speech_Male> nice and encouraging <Speech_Male> woods of <Speech_Male> so where <Speech_Male> can people <SpeakerChange> find <Speech_Female> you online <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> They can find <Speech_Female> me online on <Speech_Female> the <Speech_Female> my nearest <Speech_Female> author dot com <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> For the time <Speech_Female> being <Speech_Female> You know. And <Speech_Female> so <Speech_Female> i think the best places <Speech_Female> to go there. <Speech_Female> And <Speech_Female> and the yeah. <Speech_Female> That's where they can find <Speech_Female> me online right <Speech_Female> now and they can write <Speech_Female> to me. I have you know. <Speech_Female> I have <Speech_Female> 'em cy. <Speech_Female> At near as <Speech_Female> i aught dot com <Speech_Female> or at mir <Speech_Female> cy auto dot <Speech_Female> com. I <Speech_Female> will look at <Speech_Female> the emails. And like <Speech_Female> i said i'm i'm <Speech_Female> i'm <Speech_Female> going to be opening up <Speech_Female> a a page <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> on the altar <Speech_Female> muris i auto dot <Speech_Female> com. Then <Speech_Female> they can just have any <Speech_Female> amount of questions <Speech_Female> back and forth. they'll be <Speech_Female> public question forum <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> a private question <Speech_Female> forums. If someone has <Speech_Female> a private question <Speech_Female> they can even <Speech_Female> ask me private questions <Speech_Female> which will <Speech_Female> be totally confidential <Speech_Female> and no one can see <Speech_Female> them <Speech_Female> except for. Who's asking <Speech_Female> those questions. <Speech_Female> So that should <Speech_Female> probably <SpeakerChange> be out <Speech_Male> within a month. <Speech_Male> And that's the. I'm looking <Speech_Male> forward to those developments <Speech_Male> or right <Speech_Male> mira before let <Speech_Male> you go <Speech_Male> any last words <Speech_Male> to leave for <SpeakerChange> the listener <Silence> us. <Speech_Female> All <Speech_Female> i can say <Silence> is <Speech_Female> <Silence> to <Speech_Female> be and to <Speech_Female> do and to act <Silence> and to feel <Speech_Female> with <Speech_Female> love because <Speech_Female> you can do <Speech_Female> conquer <Speech_Female> anything with love. <Speech_Female> There is nothing <Speech_Female> to be afraid of. <Speech_Female> You know the <Speech_Female> word. Fear <Speech_Female> is false <Speech_Female> experience <Speech_Female> appearing <Silence> as reality. <Speech_Female> That is <Speech_Female> what fear is <Speech_Female> so. There is nothing <Speech_Female> to fear because <Speech_Female> you are all powerful. <Speech_Female> Remember <Speech_Female> you are all powerful <Speech_Female> you <Speech_Female> are love <Speech_Female> and if you act <Speech_Female> in love <Speech_Female> with love <Speech_Female> all will come <Speech_Female> to you. Don't <Speech_Female> worry don't <Speech_Female> worry about anything. <Speech_Female> Just my last words be happy.

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