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Shortlist of time magazine's potential people of these interesting the crown prince muhammad bin salman of saudi arabia donald trump the aforementioned donald trump and then uh the last one is the president of china president as zizheng paying for a these are tough ones give me do you as the ones though horton's but to me heirs you everyone else because this is quite a thing that's rolling right now but again it happen just so recently but of didn't dominate the whole year it's been in the last five weeks it's better and every day grime gaudio he's on me to steve which one would you choose you have one vote it's me to do to they'll yes the bed you too i you know i i don't want it to be i it's so funny i don't want it to be donald trump but i do think that if you look at everything that's happened this year he has been the most impactful person the mi2 movement is so important but i i i really think that that's dominated one tenth of one xi of the year whereas trump has been a constant you know but it's the most impactful thing beer to addo panova loretta at us we have to take a break were so late bell all right to news next and then more show bill monday wgn so i'm a dog and i just got adopted by this new human guy and i'm starting to wonder how he got along without me i mean okay something as simple as walking around the block he's got this leash thing and he puts me on one end and him on the other and i'm just take him around i i think he's afraid lost without that leash and me guiding him along i don't think he'd find his way back home but it's kind of cute a person is the best thing to happen.

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