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Worked at now back when i was playing college. Sports high school sports. I'll let you always warm up because that's what you do being such a dumb ass no-go head just want to lay down on a bench getting squad racket start pounding iron and i do my warm up through the graduation process of starting light to heavy but with my twenty to thirty minute precor elliptical type thing. Just get up a little sweat. I don't like agenda plate. I'm not going crazy. But it's warming up my entire body and dude. I don't know about how you feel. But i mean i would imagine that. Sixteen six eleven Close to three hundred pounds of bumps you took you. Don't feel so too damn skippy. So what's your process. Ben because this is really at my work. I'm kinda even even though i'm dieting. Dan i'm trying. I'm trading at an all new level. Yeah well that's another thing with me. Is you know we've been doing this for a long time. And we know the damage we've got ours but at the same time because we've got so many things are trying to get done in a day. It's like okay. Especially when i was i had this mentality where i was going to Try to do four hours of cardio and that was you know and it goes in my body weight a treadmill and do an hour. I'll knock off nine hundred pounds salads. So if i you know four hours or five hours a week i can knock off probably cheap pounds of body weight but next thing you know it looks like i'm getting on starting blocks do the The four hundred medley turned to a swimmer immediately. Because i'm a basketball player. That's what i am. I'm actual mezro. But i'm echo out right. I said yeah but she started stringy. Yeah i get real straight. I mean. I looked at myself i just got done at the gym and you know when when i once i got a pump i looked okay but how when i walked in. I mean if somebody would would have said that. Dude's got some kind of some kind of a wasting disease. Genes i look i harold. Today that i'm growing my hair off for this because my hair was basically had to cut like military for couple of years and I thought they would just put a wig on and they you know about four months ago grill went out how i look like damn einstein and my hair's change because it's great. I look like hell now shooting pretty handsome. Still as i when. I because it takes off ness monday probably have one of those scottish bands and like i try. Hit the road if i i did a stoplight. I'm aroma won the noun and give you the single and went down when you when you look at me. I'm just going to say equals mc squared. i'll be probably the jewish. I look like hell. That i really i wake up in the morning man. I just go and like last night when we talked you. Know as a two eighty five to eighty sixes eight all day long. They clean but it all day long. I go. I go to bed against this morning. You use. use the restroom go away myself. I'm to serve marrying point five. I'm like how can i possibly loss pounds. we've been. Maybe he was sleepwalking sleepwalking. On the trusted i. It's just not. This is unbelievable. Steam hostage team lost. You own your home. Sure.

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