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Seventy three degrees in Boston. Strong winds out there four o'clock could afternoon. I'm Laurie Kirby. And here's what's happening at four Kevin Spacey's defense goes on the offense at Ananta courtroom, claiming he has proof that text message evidence that clearest client with Glenn. There's clear evidence that there were deletions from the time he gave the screen shots over until the time Heather Unruh handed the phone of something was manipulated. The former Boston TV anchor is the mother of the man who says he was groped by Spacey at an island restaurant, the prosecution is disputing the claim that messages were raised. We get more from WBZ TV's Christina Hager. It was a surprise because this was not a hearing Spacey was required to attend. But he and his defense team are going after Spacey's accuser paying new evidence shows the alleged victim or his mother. Deleted text messages from his phone. The case I came to light back in two thousand seventeen. When former Boston television acre, Heather Unruh, said Spacey sexually assaulted, or then teenage such accused the Oscar Witter of getting her starstruck on drunk at the club, car restaurant in an tuck it where he worked as a busboy Spacey has pleaded not guilty to indecent assault and battery on Friday, his attorney filed a motion demanding an unaltered copy of the accusers. Cellphone today he says prosecutors gave him a DVD which says, probably does not have the information he's looking for. He says prosecutors new texts were deleted and hid that information. And this is going to go on keep it here on WBZ radio in the iheartradio app for our Kevin Spacey coverage. All right, on beacon hill debate underway on sex education in Massachusetts public schools among those pushing for change former social worker and west boylston St.. Rep Jim O'day days his in his practice. He used to have thirteen year old girls come to him pregnant, and not be able to explain how it happened to bills are up for debate, one of the house and one in the Senate. Another Bill says, where you go to school should not dictate. What you learn about how your body works a thirteen year old testifies on beacon hill. He wants all public schools to change the way, they deal with severe allergy worried about allergies a lot. Yeah. I'm very Alexander Hilly's, allergic to tree nuts in handful of other things. He's thirteen he carries an epi pen, his school in Burlington has won his activities have to have another y says dad, Jimmy, the pushback veer is why we made it to the school system, this, when it's the same medicine across the board. It's not like they have athletic. We filed Jimmy hill. He says it would save time when seconds matter and save.

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