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With the slam and then and then they're gonna look in you know what he is he's french to me lebron stands for the bron lebron that's all i'm saying is named from now on gotta with the lakers lib lytham also he's got upside down head i can't trust somebody was with upside down head with the fucking beard hair longer than the fucking hair can't can't i can't get into it dude it it makes me flip your head upside down have the fucking longer hair on the top of the head and then fucking cut you know i just can't fuck and scream for another guy it'd be like fucking you know what i'm saying i can't do that maybe that means i'm a beta but i can't fuck in scream four another guy here forgetting gas go a bunch of guys that makes me feel bitch like i'm like maybe it's a shortcoming for me i'm like i'm doing my own shit nobody's fucking while they are actually when i go out on stage i don't know i don't like anybody that much you know what i'm saying i don't like anybody that much i sure don't like team that much there's some aso's on that team probably right how about that guy who fucked up the game jr whatever i can't do it i can't i i don't know also they're throwing a ball ryan did a bit on incorrigible about this but i still feel that way go brian just to see the instagram pictures at these fucking idiot girls are going to take dude with their tits out favorite place in l a the lake show and they're gonna hashtag it to other fucking fat fuck sports guys will see it and follow them and be like them she's how the lake show the lake no you knew lebron was going to be in la because the lakers get everybody like the fucking god damn yankees do i'm surprised that lebron go to the yankees that's what it should that's what it would be that would that wouldn't surprise me if they were like lebron signs one hundred and fifty million dollar contract for one year he's taking what's the guy's name johnny damon spot was that the guy he was an i mean years ago right but he was a yankee right this how much know about sports lebron is playing with the yankees he is going to be playing right field because that's where everybody who sucks goes he is going to be playing whatever jordan center field because right field can be can make up for it and left field can make up for it so he will be playing center field the worst position and the yankees are paying him and he's going to have to cut his beard because the yankees have a fucking rule about long hair or some stupid shit like that fuck organizations you know fuck how sports teams are called organizations to gang i don't know man hey what's up with terry crews what the fuck is he doing man somebody grabbed your cock i what do you do in putting on a shoot talking into a microphone about it what are you doing gone at a soup what are you doing trying to fuck and gutters supreme core i don't know where he is talking to congress or some shit he gave a speech on sexual assault and it was about a producer that did it the grab this cock now granted that producer shouldn't do it at producers the piece of shit but stop acting like you're a survivor you know why there's firemen you know why people have been in soon amies somebody grabbed your cock oh you had a bad day a motherfucker i had somebody grabbed my cock violently and it hurt now it was an old lady and it was outside the comedy store.

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