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Although sometimes in many cases of the guy was like Leslie van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel there would be convicted killers they had came from broken homes as I mentioned a few minutes ago I think they were looking for something and I was sure what they were looking and mansion and killer to be new then the gobbledygook explanation and they would swallow it I mean they were intelligent young women and that you know that say they came from well to do homes that good backgrounds and to be pretty good rage educations but somehow Manson new you know he knew there everyone of the goes is QVC I'll and as a result push the right buttons said the right things I mean one of the guards Patricia Krenwinkel was not a very attractive young woman never being with a man the first time he met Callie he said he was the most beautiful girl in the world made laughed at and she was from that day so have to mention those messages he knew they wanted it yeah and as soon as they heard it would you what would you call up call this a cold I know the cult is used I think you would call it accounts because it because the mesmerizing cat was mentioned I mean he was the boss the kid that goes with loud intended this horrible cruelty and would do anything for him that is a cult leader I mean look at Jim Jones judge courses as as I'm sure you know with the guy that's right nine hundred followers to take care of so put brink poison Kuwait and they will kill themselves so it is to get people to do but even here in Chicago we have the R. Kelly story and if you believe for yes what we've seen in the documentaries there was the same dynamic in that we had a person who was charismatic and very successful in his case no so that's why I kind of see I can understand somewhat the girls thinking oh this is a star I've seen him all over he makes millions of dollars he thinks I have talent he thinks I'm beautiful but Charles Manson was really a success in fact I mean if you use that comparison not really the compassion to but you know what I mean Kelly was a worldwide name at any of these shows he's he's gonna black today group is hopelessly should come very deeply Kelly I don't know the case that well mentioned did not have success Manson was on the rocks and she was a guy with a smooth toms who knew what to say to the right person and I just need to leave with a magical John he was the pied Piper yeah let's go back to squeaky from B. she wasn't it my right that she was not prosecuted in is one of the followers a new point this out very very clearly you've got a sore the accused and convicted killers from the girls of the silver round we can sit around and as you pointed out well before I say right you pointed out he was the one who confronted me in the courtroom outside the courtroom on the first day of the trial that he knew I was known I would not I mentioned he about Manson he's crazy antics he looked at me and he said that he would know what it feels like to have a nice down your throat well to be honest with you coming from this sweet Hey angelic doubt made it more horrible and I didn't I took that seriously then as you pointed out for whatever reason she went on Alan find out to what twenty twenty five years with Perot she's still out there please get out there with one or two of that believe it or not yeah I'm we made or now the old women who believe in the mansion they still do they still are brainwashed they do what else then can you play that little clip that I pulled from the internet this is just a little bit from our friend Charles Manson here when I stand on the mountain actually do it it gets done if we don't get done then I'll move on it that's the last.

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