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It's seven thirty eight we're still looking at a slowdown long westbound thirty. As Dallas problems going to be. An accident past Jim Miller it wasn't, really a rollover accident there is a wrecker on the scene the three right lanes. Are still blocked as is the ramp from Jim Miller sills looking at those delays back to around motley. Westbound, thirty service road shut down as well at Jim Miller again you're alternate Samuel boulevard. To avoid those big delays westbound twenty before seventy five roadwork that should have been out of the. Way at six this morning still affecting. Your two right lanes it's going to be in balked springs you're still backed. Up from beltline now southbound six thirty. Five slowing from brute, we're looking at, a twenty, two minute tie. At that location mosquito northbound six thirty five four highway eighty looks like, that accident, has cleared residual delays though back to military Parkway Randy fuller looking at a problem in grand prairie Eastbound twenty volleying an. Eighteen Wheeler that accident also has a diesel fuel spill they're in the, process of cleaning up it. Is on the connector ramp from one sixty one to twenty. And it's, blocking the. Right lane backup goes to lake ridge Parkway now westbound one eighty three at valley view there's an accident only. The far right lane gets by. And that's backing up to about beltline, Jillian Rogers with a look at an accurate and grapevine now it's one fourteen east. We've still got some lane blockage going on at main street that's going to be the right lane now. South, lake not so bad coming in you're going to be heavy around Kimball but everything. Past looks like business one fourteen looks good until you hit right at the side of the accident. However one Twenty-one we're getting a pretty. Long backup going and it's going to stretch back from hall Johnson if you're. Heading north trying to get up to. The north of the, airport so that's, where most, of your standstill. Is three sixty helps you out but not the whole way so you, might want, to use the service road up there And then maybe hop on Mustang to kind of bypass. That, delay as, you're trying to cut north a lot, of calls on this accident east Dallas northwest highway at garland road it's an accident in that intersection westbound northwest highway seeing the. Heavier traffic slowing you back from before the six thirty five interchange I'm, Joyce Nielsen your next report. At seven forty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen Joyce thanks seven forty we'll get. You, another, update here really. Soon, on I thirty and all the other issues we have this morning in, the meantime let's talk about the weather now here's chief meteorologist.

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