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Well to two thousand after Wednesday's arrests support for the liberty comes from the conscious resistance network featuring videos news reports articles from spiritual anarchist perspective experience the conscious resistance at the conscious resistance dot com. How would you like to have your business featured on the liberty beat? You can just an email to liberty at DOT news for details. This is the liberty produced in partnership with S._O._S.. News and listeners like you. The liberty is online at liberty beat DOT news and S._N._l.. Dot News. I'm McMurdo reporting for the liberty reminding you spread liberty with a smile with a smile. This is the onion weaken review a report by Stanford University researchers released Thursday found that Americans spend ninety percent of their waking hours staring at glowing rectangles researchers identified more than thirty varieties of IRIDESCENT rectangles ranging aging from personal and work rectangles direct tangles that he'd food and those that can fit right in wants pocket from the moment Americans wake up there captivated by these bright pulsing rectangles in fact if you look at the data. It's hard to find a single minute when the public look isn't captivated I._D.'s excuse me I'm sorry in local news run over squirrel this remembered as frantic indecisive and in other news trail rose petals leads a wife to a single of dishes prince fielder reports to spring training exactly the right amount overweight and a local yard sale reeks of divorce. If you don't hear the sound of my voice the same time next week alert my family and then visit the hung in dot com slash newsbeat speak free talk live. We're at anarchy. Oh Oh Vegas and our Kobe Dot com is the website where you can go to learn more about the this event <hes> all kinds of different..

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