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I I remember standing on stage when it was my turn to go and give my talk thinking like, what am I doing here? Nancy Pelosi just talked what am I doing here? It was so. Amazing and they brought in. Women, and some incredible men in people from all these different sort of age brackets and backgrounds and. Yeah and then they were talking about how do we take that inspiration on the road? How do we share this with more cities? How do we get you know more local heroes in spaces up on stages to to motivate their communities and not hand? That's right. That's very were never go well, I like it. and fast forward to now you have helped to create an you run this incredible organization called this about humanity which I've had the honor of working with and alongside and. I've been able to go on a trip with you guys and follow along on all of the other trips that you've done and. I. I wonder if you can explain to everybody listening a little bit about what this is about humanity does. Yeah. So it's it's a movement We like to call it and essentially what it does is it helps. Raise awareness around families and children on both sides of the border So I'm originally from the Obama and when everything sort of started to. When everyone became aware that we were separating families and interest was more in the news. I was very. Motivated to do what I do especially when it was around in area where I grew up and so it had originally started out as a donation drive sort of me saying like, Hey, you know we're going to get these things to the kids. Do you mind if you want to? Send Me To my house fast forward to like an Amazon warehouse. It was the reaction was so powerful. So along with my sister. Yolanda and Zoe Winkler who kind of both wanted to do more we decided like well I wonder if people would wanna come on a trip and learn more about what is happening because it's one thing to feel like you can give and you can donate and that's incredible. But I'm looking for people who want to. Learn more and become better advocates and I think once you have come and you've learned, you are so much more effective at speaking on the issue and can. Explain why certain things aren't right or have very negative effects and consequences, and so we started doing these trips to the border. We've done about eighteen. And been able to take over, you know two hundred people and to really just be in community with each other and with these families and children and listen to their stories and their journeys and understand. Why this is happening and Yeah. That's kind of what's going on. This is humanity. So it's but it's really we it's about you know bringing people together in a time where we seem very far apart and divided, and that's why we call it. This is about humanity because it's really focusing on who we are as human beings and what we think is okay and not okay to do to human kind Yeah. Yeah. It's really amazing and I I to get into the organization and certainly. Talk about from each of our perspectives. What you're hitting on which is I think the importance of witnessing. It's the reason that I've always wanted to travel for advocacy work because to read about something is one thing and it matters. It matters each of us has the luxury now to be able to educate ourselves on what's going on out there but. I really believe that if you want to. Advocate for people there's no better way to do that. Then standing shoulder to shoulder with them so I think that's a great thing for us to come back to you but you said something..

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