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Kentucky's governor Matt Bevin who had tied his re election to his opposition to the impeachment of the president but Bevin appears to have lost his race although he has not yet conceded we want the process to be followed in there is a process we know for a fact that there have been more than a few irregularities they are very well corroborated and that's all right what they are exactly how many which ones and what effect if any they have will be determined according to law in Virginia even though Republicans kept trump and his policies at arm's length they still lost control of both houses of the legislature for the first time since nineteen ninety four the third ranking official in the state department David Hale is expected to tell impeachment investigators in the house today that political considerations were behind the department's refusal to defend the now former U. S. ambassador to Ukraine in transcripts released by house investigators yesterday U. S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sunland reversed his earlier testimony in a knowledge that military aid was being held from Ukraine until it promised to investigate corruption as president trump wanted someone now confirming his involvement in laying out a quid pro quo scenario to Ukrainian officials something he did not previously knowledge during his testimony on October seventeenth when he told investigators he did not know why military aid was being held up saying I could never get a straight answer out of anyone correspondent Jessica Schneider in Washington police say a suspect has been arrested in the massacre of nine members of the Mormon family in Mexico on Monday I'm Christopher Cruz Hey my friends company spent three days cleaning up an email phishing attack that targeted several dozen employees yeah if just one malicious email slips through an attack and spread quickly into serious damage what if that happens to us don't worry we have there could a forensics and incident response so we're good yes with fast automated response and remediation all traces of the attack can be removed in less than five minutes well that's a relief protect your business at barracuda dot com barracuda your journey secured shared all our bills it was about more than just the money to this is a real community Medicare is is a family a group of people that stick with you through the hardest times of your life I just don't know how I could have done it without measure it's so worth looking into there's a reason this is.

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