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Rate will thank you and i'm delighted to be here uh the cambridge forum so here's my story uh what's happening and interior what has happened there until july i was director of the policy office at the department of the interior it was also the climate change lead at that agency climate change that particularly adaptation and resilience are incredibly important for all the bureaux of the department interior for all of our missions from managing those legendary national parks to protecting biodiversity producing worldclass science at us geological survey and managing the deal i manages a fifth of the us land area uh for multiple uses on behalf of all americans so climate change absolutely essential to all of those bureaux i worked hard on that and i spoke for publicly about it in many fora to the public um and particularly as it related to the arctic where i was focused uh where they are american lives at risk as the permafrost is melting away from beneath their feet and waves and storms are devouring meters of coastline and a time threatening dozens of alaskan native villages up there so it's a very urgent situation and as many of you may know the department interior is also the federal trustee for american indians and alaska natives uh so their wellbeing is core to our mission as well so this is very important work not just to me into the alaska natives but to the entire agency so after the november election you know as as everyone is kind of freaking out about the rhetoric that have been coming out during the campaign regarding climate change i wasn't that worried i thought you know we're doing adaptation were responding to impacts that we can see before us american health and safety is at risk and we're going to continue to do that in fact i was i was in stockholm a couple of weeks later after the election and i was reassuring some really stressed out europeans that sure enough yet at resilience inadaptation adaptation would remain at the top or at least on the agenda in the united states and we i was there for the release of the arctic resilience reports the first ever report about how to build social ecological resilience in the arctic so it was the issue of the day and i reassured them certainly will still be doing that work.

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